The Comedy Vault – Merry Christmas Mr Bean.

Merry Christmas Mr Bean (ITV, 1992)

Another one of my favourite Christmas comedy specials is Merry Christmas Mr Bean which was first shown in 1992 and of course starred Rowan Atkinson as our bumbling hero. Throughout the episode there are lots of funny moments and I even used to watch the tape I had of it in the 90s before I later got it on DVD during the summer months because I enjoyed it so much.

It begins with Mr Bean doing some last-minute Christmas shopping, including the excitement of buying a bauble, deciding what lights to buy, and also playing with the nativity display. Afterwards he then goes off to buy a turkey to prepare for Christmas dinner with his girlfriend. vlcsnap-01687

Then there is one of my favourite moments when Mr Bean conducts a brass band and makes them play something a little different from the usual carols. When he gets back home he organises some more things including sending some Christmas cards to himself, putting the tree up, listening to some carol singers, and making a huge cracker that should make things go with a bang, before going to bed anticipating the big day. vlcsnap-01688

One of my favourite moments in any of the Mr Bean episodes is when it is finally Christmas morning and he is so overexcited by this that he starts running around and jumping up and down. I remember watching this part so many times and it always made me laugh, and the reveal of the Christmas presents for him and his friends is great too.

These include some new socks for himself and I do like the way he says “Christmas socks!”. There are also some new eyes for his teddy who can now see how many fingers Mr Bean is holding up much to his delight, and a piece of cheese for the mouse living in the hole which is put on a trap. vlcsnap-01691

Later on in the day his girlfriend comes round for dinner but Mr Bean has some problems preparing the turkey and ends up getting it stuck on his head. For many people this is the most famous moment of this episode. Later on he does receive another present from his girlfriend, but unfortunately after he doesn’t get the gift she wanted they have something of a falling out, leaving him on his own to open his huge cracker, which causes an explosion. vlcsnap-01692

This was a great Christmas special which did very well in the ratings, as Mr Bean was deservedly one of the most popular programmes on TV when this was shown on ITV for the first time, and it has been repeated several times since. As I said this episode includes some of my all-time favourite moments from the show and it’s still very funny all these years later.


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