Game Show Memories – Family Fortunes Christmas Special.

Another classic game show that often had Christmas specials which featured amended rules and celebrity teams playing for charity was the original version of Family Fortunes. There were several specials over the years, including one with a pantomime theme in 1989, but the one that I am going to review was shown in 1992, and as ever it was hosted by Les Dennis who was wearing a lovely Christmas jumper and of course the studio has been nicely decorated with tinsel and trees everywhere. vlcsnap-01682

The two celebrity teams in this edition actually weren’t related but consisted of the newcomer Up-Starts (captained by Adam Woodyatt of EastEnders fame alongside Kellie Bright over 20 years before she joined the show herself and that boy who used to be in Woof!) and the veteran Push-Starts (captained by Gorden Kaye and also featuring the likes of Buster Merryfield and Paul Shane). vlcsnap-01684

Of course the game was played in a fun spirit and all the surveys were based on questions that were Christmas-related. All the bonus prizes that were found for correct answers went to charity too. It still mattered which team would play Big Money though as the winners would play for the star prize of £3,000 for their chosen charity (this was before the bonus prize for finding all the top answers rule was added).

As it turned out after playing all the regular rounds the Up-Starts team won and Adam took on the responsibility himself of playing Big Money. He doesn’t manage to go all the way though but there has still been a lot of money and prizes won over the course of the show so their nominated charities should still be very pleased… vlcsnap-01685

But that isn’t the end! Les is then surprised by Gorden and is told that he is going to play Big Money himself, and if he scores enough points from the five questions they’ll double the jackpot that was offer. Will he succeed after being put on the spot? Well indeed he does meaning that £6,000 is won so how about that. Les also insists that he didn’t know that was going to happen and he looks like he can’t believe it but he’s pleased that he’s ended up raising some charity money himself as well as all of the great contestants resulting in another memorable Christmas special. vlcsnap-01686



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