The Year In Review – Part 1.

When I say “The Year In Review” I don’t mean that I’ll be reviewing what has happened on TV and so on in 2015, but I’ll be having a look back at what I have achieved on the first year of this blog, and my plans for the future. In part one let’s determine the progress that I have made on the various things that I like to write about on here.

CBBC Memories. I have enjoyed writing about some of my favourite CBBC memories. There aren’t too many more shows left for me to write about now, just some cartoons plus a few other things.

CITV Memories. Again like with CBBC there isn’t much more beyond some cartoons to write about now. But when I wrote about The Adventures Of Captain Zeelig which caught people’s attention I was very pleased because I realised that doing this might be worth it. My piece received a link on the UK Game Shows website and I even got a reply from someone who was a contestant on the show.

The Comedy Vault. I’ve already shared lots of memories of some of my favourite comedy sitcoms and sketch shows from over the years. I still have some more to write about. I’m particularly looking forward to telling you why I like The Brittas Empire which turns 25 next month.

Comic Memories. I have enjoyed sharing memories of my favourite comics where I picked out one issue to review. Next I plan to look at the history of various comics, some of my favourite characters, and also review some more of my favourite artists.

Game Show Memories. This is of course something that I am a big fan of and have written about a lot. I’ve now shared the majority of my favourite game show memories, but there will be more, and I’ll also be looking back at some of my favourite hosts, and I plan to do another first and final series comparison piece, this time on Blockbusters.

Gaming Memories. I started out by having a look back at some of my favourite gaming magazines because I felt they deserved some more recognition, and I’ll continue to share some more of my favourite games on various formats.

More TV Memories. This is the section where I look back at various shows. It was originally called “Obscure TV Memories” but someone seemed to object to the use of the word “obscure” so let me just clarify. I am not one of those people who insists that “obscure = good and mainstream = bad”, the original idea was to write about some less-famous programmes that there is little information on the internet about in the hope that if someone does remember them and does a search this site might be the first place that they come to. I did plan to make people more aware of shows that I have liked including The Winjin’ Pom, Harry And Cosh, Glam Metal DetectivesMy Wonderful Life and others and still we wait for these shows to come out on DVD. I have also written about the likes of Noel’s House Party and You’ve Been Framed which are definitely mainstream but I still a big fan of them. As well as more lost gems or known favourites to write about, I’ll also write some more about my OnDigital and Freeview memories.

Musical Memories. I started doing this section by picking a singles chart at random and choosing my favourite songs from it. Soon I plan to reveal some of my favourite acts and look back some of my favourite hits from a particular year. I’ll also get around to reviewing another classic edition of TOTP eventually.

Round The Regions. This is a feature that has now ended but I very much enjoyed looking at the various presentation of ITV regions in their 60th anniversary year, it’s great that there is so much archive now online.

Saturday Morning Memories. I have now finished sharing my memories of CBBC/CITV Saturday Morning shows, it was great thinking about the likes of Parallel 9 and Motormouth again.

The YouTube Files. I’m always on the search for enjoyable things on YouTube, such as TV programmes that I might not remember from the first time round or just generally unusual moments. I recently found an interesting video featuring a newsflash of a famous moment so I’ll use that to take an opportunity to look at various news presentation soon.

Next time in the second part I’ll be revealing what my most viewed pieces are and what I’ll be doing on here over the next year. Thanks for your interest in what I’ve had to say this year.

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