Down The Dumper – The 2000s Part 6.

Here’s yet another group that did well for a short time. Shapeshifters were a group with a varying line-up that made dance records. What would they be able to offer compared to what was currently on the scene. In July 2004, their debut single “Lola’s Theme” was released (Lola being the wife of one of the group members), and this became a chart-topper for one week.

But why did this one do so well? Firstly, this was seen to be a feelgood dance song, along with its female vocal, which gave out plenty of positive summer vibes that just made you feel better about things, and many people have said that this is one of the best chart-toppers of this era (and this was also nominated for a Brit Award, but didn’t win). Also helping was that the video was shown rather frequently on various music channels, maybe TMF did come in useful sometimes.

I also noticed that people who weren’t usually that interested in pop music were aware of the song and quoting the lyrics, which was proof that this had crossed over to become a talking point and have some more mainstream appeal. And one of the writers of this used to be in Alisha’s Attic, so how could this have possibly failed, it was great that she finally knew what it was like to contribute to a song that made the Top Ten!

Shapeshifters had now assured their place as one of the hottest dance acts on the scene. Even if they hadn’t released a follow-up, they would still be fondly remembered. But we did go on to hear more. In March 2005 “Back To Basics” was released, and this became their second and final Top Ten hit, meaning that they were no one-hit wonder. While not as acclaimed as “Lola’s Theme”, it was still a very enjoyable record.

They were to discover though that every following single would chart lower than the previous one. In March 2006 their album “Sound Advice” was released, but this just missed the Top 75. Their chart career came to an end in October 2007 when sixth single “New Day” made only no. 72. After this, Shapeshifters have released several more singles, along with lots of remixes for other acts, but they’ll only really be remembered for one song.

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