More TV Memories – Red And Blue.

Red And Blue (1976)

This is a show that is bizarre for many reasons. Firstly, it’s the scheduling. Although I would consider this to be a children’s show, it was never actually shown as part of the CBBC afternoon strand. It was usually shown before it began, filling the gap between a film and the start of CBBC, presumably to give Edd The Duck an extra minute to get ready.

And also, it was a rather bizarre idea just in general. Red And Blue (this is how I remember it was listed in TV magazines, but it seems that it was actually called The Red And The Blue, not to be confused with the red car and blue car having a race in the Milky Way adverts) was an animated series using Plasticine. It was actually made in the mid-70s and of Italian origin (where it was called Il Rosso E Il Blu). vlcsnap-00745

It was a stop-motion animation that featured the adventures of two characters, one was a big red thing, and other the was, you’ve guessed it, blue. The action took place in a white void (as many of these shows seemed to). Although they had faces, they also had the ability to change into any shape that they wanted, from flowers to taps to everything else, and this meant that all kinds of strange things could happen as they tried to help or hinder the other one. vlcsnap-00747

Another thing that was notable about the show was the dialogue. It was nonsensical and it turns out that it wasn’t in any language at all, so hearing these two jabber at each other (in a similar style to Pingu) in odd voices while they constantly changed shape made it even more strange. Episodes would also end with one of them turning into letters that said “THE END”. It is fair to say that the animation was not of Wallace And Gromit standard, but it was definitely very effective and memorable! vlcsnap-00770

There were 39 episodes of Red And Blue made, and most of them barely lasted for five minutes. It seems that they were shown occasionally on BBC1 from 1990-1994 (about 15 years after it was made), sometimes in double bills before CBBC, and sometimes on Sundays, presumably when they had run out of Tom And Jerry cartoons to show. It was also shown in various other countries including Australia and America. I presume that there has been no VHS or DVD release, it just amuses me that I remember such a short-lived show. What was it all about?


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