Game Show Memories – The ITV 9:25am game show slot.

The ITV 9:25am game show slot (ITV, 1987-1998)

As the ITV 9:25am game show slot is making a triumphant return after 21 years (although I don’t know how long for, and it’s only repeats on Tenable), it reminded me of when game shows were shown in that timeslot for just over a decade. In September 1987, ITV finally managed to move schools programmes to Channel 4, meaning that they could have a weekday morning schedule for the first time.

They weren’t shown 52 weeks a year though, taking a break for news coverage, the summer holidays, and Christmas. Although it could be argued that a lot of these shows weren’t exactly award-winning material, I did enjoy a lot of them, and tried to watch them as often as I could. Although I have already reviewed most of them in detail, here’s a look at the 18 game shows in the order that they made their debut in the slot along with a brief description (dates refer to when they were shown in the slot, most were shown in other slots). g1

Chain Letters. (1987-1997) The very first show in this slot. The word game that was curious for a few reasons, it had six different hosts, it was briefly shown in prime-time, and there was a five-year gap between series.

Runway. (1987-1993) Originally with Chris Serle, followed by Richard Madeley, As he would preview This Morning before it began, Richard would introduce Runway by saying “now here’s a show with a handsome-looking man”. Every single time.

Give Us A Clue. (1988) The long-running celebrity charades game with Michael Parkinson.

Lucky Ladders. (1988-1993) Definitely one of my favourite shows that appeared in this slot, the word association game with Lennie Bennett. lucky0001

Cross Wits. (1988-1994) The crossword puzzle game with Tom O’Connor. cross0001

Password. (1988) This is one that I don’t remember, it had a brief run in the slot, with Gordon Burns.

Whose Baby? (1988) Another one that I don’t remember, the panel game with Bernie Winters where the celebrity parents of children had to be guessed.

What’s My Line? (1988) The long-running panel game with Angela Rippon had a short run in this slot.

The Pyramid Game. (1989-1990) The fast-moving word game with Steve Jones that had appeared in prime-time earlier in the decade. pyramid0001

Keynotes. (1989-1992) The music-themed game with an exciting chance win £30, with Alistair Duvall.

Born Lucky. (1989) Another short-lived show that I don’t remember, this one was with Jeremy Beadle.

Jeopardy! (1990-1993) The British version of the popular American show, originally with Chris Donat. vlcsnap-01837

All Clued Up. (1991) The word puzzle game with David Hamilton that was also shown on Sunday evenings for a while.

Your Number Please. (1992) A numbers-based game with Neil Buchanan, the only non-CITV show that he hosted. I would like to review this one but there is almost no trace of it online.

Jumble. (1992) The game with Jeff Stevenson that showed you could do some imaginative things with little magnetic letters. Jumble 2

Win, Lose Or Draw. (1992-1998) Another very enjoyable one, the entertaining drawing game, with Danny Baker, Shane Richie, and also Bob Mills and his waistcoats. Repeats were also shown in the slot. bob0001

Talkabout. (1993) The amusingly quirky fast-talking game with Andrew O’Connor, a real delight. vlcsnap-00028

Supermarket Sweep. (1993-1998) A chance to go wild in the aisles with Dale Winton. Repeats were also shown in the slot. Also the last show in the slot before it ended in March 1998, and it became popular enough to run for many more years in the afternoon. dale0001


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