Down The Dumper – The 80s Part 28.

This is another group who had a rather brief amount of fame on the chart. Berlin were an American group who formed in the late-70s. Although various members came and went over the years, the spotlight was mostly focused on their frontwoman Terri Nunn, who has also been an actress and model. They have released several singles and albums going back to the early-80s.

They didn’t have much success at this point though, meaning that their singles including “Dancing In Berlin”, the rather naughty “Sex (I’m A…)”, and “No More Words” (that was performed on CITV’s music show Razzmatazz in 1984) didn’t make the chart in the UK. In 1985, there was an article in TV Times about up-and-coming American female singers that grouped Terri in with Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons (yes, really).

In October 1986 “Take My Breath Away” was released, which was featured on the soundtrack to the hugely successful film Top Gun. They finally hit the big time, as this was a chart-topper in the UK for four weeks (and also a chart-topper in American for one week). Now I have to confess that I have always had something of a soft spot for this one, because this sounds rather “squelchy”, if that is the word.

Their fame dropped off fairly quickly though, and they never made the Top Ten in the UK or America again. In January 1987 “You Don’t Know” reached no. 39. In the same month their fourth album “Count Three And Pray” made the Top 40. And in March 1987 “Like Flames” reached only no. 47. Less a than a year on from their success, Berlin split not long after this.

It’s a surprise to realise that they only had three hits. Their biggest single would linger for a while yet though. In February 1988 “Take My Breath Away” re-entered the lower end of the chart. And following the TV premiere of Top Gun and its use in a car advert, “Take My Breath Away” made the chart for the third time, and this time reached no. 3, to become a Top Ten hit in a second decade.

It really would’ve been a bizarre situation if this had been a chart-topper again four years on. And in 2002, a cover version of “Take My Breath Away” was a hit for dance act Soda Club. Since then, there have been various reunions, new albums, and more line-up changes, although Berlin have long since reached the “Terri and some blokes” stage, and they always have to perform that one.


One thought on “Down The Dumper – The 80s Part 28.

  1. Des Elmes says:

    I’m just about old enough to remember “Take My Breath Away” being used in Peugeot 405 ads. 😉

    Going off-topic here, but there are in fact a fair few songs that I first heard in Peugeot ads. As well as “Take My Breath Away”, there’s also “Dream a Little Dream of Me” (specifically the Mamas & the Papas’ version, in that 406 ad with Kim Basinger), “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” (Andy Williams’ version, in a 306 ad), and of course, Belinda Carlisle’s “(We Want) The Same Thing” (in at least one of those 106 ads with Julie Graham).

    There was also a 406 ad with M People’s “Search for the Hero”, though I’m fairly sure I first heard *that* song on the radio.


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