More TV Memories – Does Doug Know?

Does Doug Know? (Channel 4, 2002)

After reviewing The 11 O’Clock Show recently, I was reminded of this short-lived comedy panel game. Following her success as a host on The 11 O’Clock Show, Channel 4 seemed to be keen to use Daisy Donovan in other shows to help raise her profile (and the talent clearly runs in the family as her father and brother are also famous).

These included Daisy Daisy, the documentary series where she visited America to meet various people, and try and charm them with her English style, along with this one (she was also in the first series of sitcom My Family, but let’s try to not think about that right now). Does Doug Know? was vaguely based on an American comedy show called Street Smarts.

Two teams of two took part (although as we’ll see, it could actually be three). The team captains were Rhys Thomas (who you might remember from other comedy shows including Swiss Toni and Bellamy’s People. No? Oh, right), and crazy Canadian comedian Tony Law. They were joined each week by various other comedy people including David Mitchell, Martin Freeman, and Alan Carr.

Earlier in the day, Daisy interviewed various people in the street about what had been happening in the news the past week. After a brief introduction to them, the teams pick one of them. There are various rounds, that are played for points. Firstly, their chosen person offers an opinion on something, and they have to guess what it is. Then, they act out a news story that has to be guessed.

Panellists are also given a news story, and have to write a headline. The word association round is where they are given two words with three blanks inbetween, and have to connect them, sort of like a rude version of Lucky Ladders. They are then asked various questions on the news, but they don’t buzz in to answer, they have to stand up and shout it out.

If they get it right, they can score a bonus if they think that their chosen person got it right as well. And finally, they are given a negative newspaper headline, and have to put a positive spin on it. There is a winner declared, but no prizes or anything. There was only one series of Does Doug Know?, which was shown fairly late on Friday nights, and I don’t recall seeing Daisy on TV much after this ended.

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