More TV Memories – Sparks And Embers.

Sparks And Embers (2014)

This is another low-key British-made film that I discovered in the late-night slot on London Live. And like Brakes, this could be classed as a romantic-comedy, although one much more in the traditional style, and this definitely comes across as a little soppier and cheerier. Sparks And Embers starred Kris Marshall, best-known for appearing in shows including My Family and Death In Paradise… and those BT adverts.

Also featuring was Annelise Hesme, a French actress who I am not as familiar with, but she definitely put in a performance that caught my attention. This film attempts to deal with all of those “what ifs”, regrets, feelings, and so on. Tom (Marshall) works at a record company, when he is suddenly made redundant. But before he leaves, he makes sure that he takes some gold records off the wall for himself. As he enters the lift for the last time, he is joined by a Eloise (Hesme), a young woman.

And of course, the lift breaks down, and suddenly they have to pass the time together in a small and uncomfortable place. But despite being mismatched, somehow there is an attraction. She rolled her eyes at him, he picked them up and rolled them back… This then constantly switches back and forth between the scene five years later, when Eloise is about to leave Tom (and we see lots of picturesque London scenery and they walk around on a winter’s evening).

Back at the lift, things are getting rather hot, and Tom is now sat there in his vest and pants. There clearly are a lot of memories to go through since that unlikely first meeting, Eloise is about to leave Tom’s life as suddenly as she entered, and it’s a rather emotional moment for him. They do eventually get out of the lift though, and suddenly he isn’t as upset about losing his job. This had a very small cast, and is practically a two-hander between the lead roles.

Now I don’t know a huge amount about filmmaking, but as always Sparks And Embers seemed to have plenty of mixed reviews. Sometimes films have to stretch to find positive comments to put on the poster. I mean, Best magazine? Shadows On The Wall liked it too, whatever that is. There are plenty of intimate moments that keep you guessing to the end. The DVD contains no extras at all though, so we get no insight from anybody about how all of this was put together. Come on, don’t be shy!


One thought on “More TV Memories – Sparks And Embers.

  1. Des Elmes says:

    Sparks and Embers’ current IMDb rating is 5.6, so it’s better than Brakes (4.8) – and also better than Batman Forever and Godzilla 1998 (both 5.4).

    Better than the film featuring Jim Carrey as the Riddler and Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose”, and better too than the film in which a giant asexual iguana (only slightly resembling the true, Japanese Godzilla) runs riot in New York… how about that. 😉


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