CBBC Memories – Fit.

Fit (CBBC, 2013)

This is a show from about a decade ago that I don’t really remember watching at the time, as this was shown on the CBBC Channel after I was a regular viewer, but when I did eventually come across something that was featured, as you’ll discover, I just had to take a look for myself. Fit was a comedy sketch show that was in a similar style to Stupid and Sorry, I’ve Got No Head.

But the difference with this one was that this was all based around sport and fitness, being described as “a healthy dose of comedy”, and “contains no essential nutrients or vitamins”. Now I’ve never really been able to do fitness myself, and I get in a sweat just thinking about going for a run. There were indeed lots of sketches and regular characters, based around footballers, athletes and so on.

And there was plenty of comedy talent among the cast, one of them being “sad-faced actor Tony Way” as I remember he was once called by one critic, who I had seen in a few other similar things. But the real reason that I was attracted to Fit was because rather bizarrely this was the final resting place of the terrific Brian Butterfield character from BBC2’s The Peter Serafinowicz Show.

That was an enjoyably odd sketch show, and one of my favourites from that era, which turned out to be a one-series wonder, so it was rather a surprise when he finally resurfaced on this show about five years later, with even more of his bizarre business ideas. Well when you’ve got a good idea, you might as well make the most of it, and this was like discovering a bonus second series of his antics.

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Butterfield was back, and he had lots of creative ways to try and help people to get fit, whether it was clothes, DVDs, or games, there was something for everyone, including lots of healthy food like Sportsman’s Crunchy Discs. So if your favourite basketball player is “Famous Basketball Man”, then there was good news for you too. He was very eager for you to call right now and bag a bargain.

It was so great to see this character again, the sketches were definitely up to standard, bring as strange as they always were, but I never expected him to turn up here. There was only one series of Fit with 13 episodes, and there hasn’t been a DVD release or anything like that as far as I know, but the repeat runs continued on the CBBC Channel until 2018, and this was another very good effort.


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