Game Show Memories – Never Had It So Good.

Never Had It So Good (ITV1, 2002)

This is a game show that I don’t remember watching much at the time, but as it’s all about nostalgia, how could I possibly resist this now? The unaired pilot of Never Had It So Good was hosted by Greg Scott, but by the time the show came to TV, the host was Matthew Kelly, taking a break from Stars In Their Eyes. There were two celebrity teams of three who were ready to take a peek at the past.

The team captains were Rowland Rivron, and Fred Dinenage, who has worked on various shows, including the local news in the south of England on ITV for approximately 500 years. They would be joined by celebrity panellists including Clare Grogan and Leo Sayer. Their first names were in front of them in a similar style to on A Question Of Sport. Could this be the ultimate memory test. vlcsnap-00001

Round one was That Was The Year That Was. Various clips were shown from the archive, and they simply had to guess what year they were all from. There would then be some questions about that year for points. Round two was Connect 3. There were three pictures shown, and teams had to guess what famous person connected them. Going into the break, there was a clue from various people given to a famous thing, and viewers could think about what it was during the break (Greggles sometimes did these). vlcsnap-00002

Round three was You’ve Been ‘Ad. An old advert was shown, and they simply had to guess what it was for. And once again there would be some questions. The final round was Gimme 5 (not to be confused with a CITV Saturday Morning show), a last chance to pump up their points. The teams had one minute to name five things in a category, such as TV or pop music. There is one point for every one, and if they do get five, the points are doubled. vlcsnap-00007

There was a winning team declared at the end, but there were no prizes on offer. This wasn’t the first nostalgia-themed game show, others include Today’s The Day and Backdate. There was only one series of Never Had It So Good, there were lots of fun memories shared, but this seemed to be one of those shows where although the panellists enjoyed it, maybe some viewers didn’t (and there didn’t seem to be a studio audience). vlcsnap-00004

ITV were having trouble filling their post-CITV 5pm slot around this time, the soaps including Crossroads and Night And Day weren’t working, and neither were various game shows like this one. The problem with this timeslot was eventually solved though when a game show hosted by Bradley Walsh was launched and became a big success. No, not Spin Star!


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