CBBC Memories – To Me… To You…

To Me… To You… (CBBC, 1996-1998)

For about a decade, comedy duo The Chuckle Brothers had been appearing in various shows on CBBC, including of course the sitcom ChuckleVision which I will also be reviewing soon. Because this had become a popular long-running show, in 1996 Paul and Barry Chuckle were given the chance to turn TV presenters and host a game show based on one of their most famous catchphrases. vlcsnap-00098

In many episodes of ChuckleVision Paul and Barry would often be heard to say “to me… to you…” whilst causing chaos, and this was the basic idea of the show. Two teams of two took part. They had to roll an oversized die which had various instructions on it such as “three to me” or “two to you”. There was also a trolley in the centre of the stage which had various prizes on it (you know the kind of things that are played for on children’s game shows, lots of board games and the like). vlcsnap-00100

The idea was that the trolley would be moved back and forth based on the where the die landed, so the trolley could be pushed your way, or you could end up giving your opponents an advantage. Contestants could also add prizes to the trolley by answering questions correctly. There would also be various squares that if they were landed on, a bonus game would be played, and often a guest celebrity would turn up to join in at this point, although they were usually only of the “someone currently in a show on CBBC” variety. Other squares including doubling the number of moves on offer, and a chance to steal one of the other team’s coconuts. vlcsnap-00096

One of the most amusing games that was played was the “Chuckle Chuck”, where for no particular reason the contestants had to throw custard pies at Paul and Barry. Also, if a team managed to get the trolley right to the end of their playing area, they won everything that was currently on it, and then the game would restart with the trolley back at the centre with new prizes. There was also a scoring system of coconuts, and whichever team had the most of these at the end of the game were declared the winners for even more prizes, and then they all had to get on the ferry back home. vlcsnap-00104

To Me… To You… was always great fun in a similar style to that other classic CBBC game show Double Dare, and there was definitely no need for Paul and Barry to say one of their other catchphrases “oh dear, oh dear” because this was a well put together show and it ran for three series and a couple of Christmas specials. And there was no slacking from them either with was nice. vlcsnap-00094


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