The Comedy Vault – Yes Man.

Yes Man (2008)

This is yet another American comedy film, and this is loosely based on a true story. Yes Man stars Jim Carrey, and I know that he is someone where the phrase “your tolerance antics of his levels may vary” turns up a lot in reviews, but I usually enjoy him really, so I thought that I would discover what this one had to offer, and there are plenty of unlikely twists.

Carrey plays Carl, who is someone that has gone through a divorce, and his life and career have ended up going nowhere. He then decides that it’s time to change things, and he finds the motivation in himself to do this by simply saying “yes” to every task that he is given. This means that he is soon doing things that he would never previously had even dreamed of.

This includes doing a bungee jump (and he even performed the stunt himself). He then encounters a young woman who is also a musician, and she is played by Zooey Deschanel. I wanted the opportunity to see another of her films, and well, if you are in the situation where you could have the chance to date her, you really will never say “no” to that in my view.

Well this goes off in all kinds of exciting directions, and Deschanel performs some of her songs too, making it almost seem as if there is a musical interlude in all of this. When watching Yes Man, I did feel that Carrey and Deschanel did manage to gel somewhat, with both being rather quirky performers (and they even share a birthday).

And it does remind me of that moment in an episode of Family Guy where Stewie says something like “you’ve just got to keep up with his energy levels without looking like you’re trying to overtake him”. I very much hope that her band got a record deal, put it that way. Also among the cast are Bradley Cooper, John “not that one” Higgins, and Terence Stamp.

Now I know at this point in film reviews I usually start to write about what the critics thought, when I know that ultimately this is the chance to put my opinion on show, but it is always interesting how some will consider a film to be a classic, while others will say it’s a big flop. The thumbs were all “up” for me though. DVD extras include some outtakes, plus a look at how some of the stunts were put together.