Comic Memories – Whoopee!

My final look at a classic comic for now, Whoopee! was published by Fleetway for 11 years from March 1974 to March 1985, at which point it merged with Whizzer And Chips. Once again this page-by-page review will be based on a charity shop find (13 November 1982) so here’s the strips that you would find in this issue.

Pages 1 & 32: Snack-Man. The cover star in this era is clearly based on the video game character Pac-Man. He’s a circle-shaped thing who likes to eat anything he can. who0001

Pages 2 & 3: Mustapha Million. The rich boy character that has turned up before in one of these reviews.

Pages 4 & 5: Stage School. A group of children who want to get into show business. Yet another strip drawn by the prolific Robert Nixon.

Page 6: Toy Boy. Another strip that I’m sure already turned up in another comic about a boy who loves his toys. who0002

Page 7: Beaky. A rather pesky bird who causes trouble.

Page 8: Sweeny Toddler. Another great strip from Tom Paterson. who0003

Page 9: A competition to win various sporting prizes including snooker tables, table tennis sets, and a Bullseye board game!

Page 10: Teacher’s Pets. A teacher whose class at school is full of animals.

Page 11: Calculator Kid. A boy with a pocket calculator who could talk. This was impressive in 1982, honest. Another good one from Terry Bave.

Pages 12 & 13: Robot Granny. The story of a granny with superhuman powers. Page 13 also features an advert for Roy Of The Rovers where your dream could come true and you could win tickets to the Milk Cup Final!

Page 14: Bookworm. A bespectacled boy who is really into his books. who0004

Page 15: Chip. A little like Calculator Kid, this strip features a boy who is friends with the modern technology of a talking microchip.

Pages 16 & 17: The Bumpkin Billionaires. Another outing for the rich family in the centre pages.

Page 18: Tom Horror’s World. A boy who is always trying to invent things. A great strip drawn by the talented Ken Reid in his distinctive style. who0005

Page 19: Smiler. A half-page strip of a boy with a smile for every occasion, just like Faceache had hundreds of faces. “Moggy rescue service beam”. “Squidged beam”. “What goes up… beam” are among his classics. The other half of the page features an advert for the 1983 Big Daddy Annual.

Pages 20 & 21: Kids Of Class Five. A more serious episodic strip featuring children at a school.

Page 22: Whoopee! Winners. The letters page, with £1 and a T-shirt won for every letter published.

Page 23: Smile-In. The jokes page, with the same prizes on offer for a published joke. Needless to say, they make Smiler smile.

Page 24: Little Ed. The boy who wants to be an editor.

Page 25: Paddywack. Another silly half-page strip. The other half of the page features the prize winners of a recent competition who all receive a Bullseye board game!

Pages 26 & 27: Frankie Stein. The crazy monster who comes to life. Again drawn by Robert Nixon, was there nothing he couldn’t do? who0006

Pages 28 & 29: Lolly Pop. A rich father who was always irritating his son Archie. Another strip by Sid Burgon who was another star artist from this era.

Page 30: Cheeky. A funny strip about a boy who was rather cheeky not too surprisingly. He also had a comic of his own from 1977 to 1980. who0007

Page 31: Whoopee! It’s Quiz Time. A quick game featuring some questions about what happened in some of the strips in the issue. Were you taking any notice of what happened?