Comic Memories – Whizzer And Chips.

Time for a look back at another comic from Fleetway. Whizzer And Chips was two comics in one and ran for 21 years from October 1969 to October 1990 before merging with Buster. Again, this piece is based on an old issue that I was lucky to find in a charity shop (19 November 1988).

Unfortunately unlike DC Thomson’s classic long-running comics and characters including Dennis The Menace and Roger The Dodger, the comics from Fleetway never really entered the consciousness as much, but they still had many creative stories that lots of people enjoyed that deserve a reappraisal. I’ll write more about the history of Whizzer And Chips in another piece, but for now here’s a quick look at the contents of the 32 pages and what you’d get for your 28p.

Page 1: No story on the cover at this point, just a great illustration of various characters which was drawn by Jim Hansen. wac0001

Page 2: Joker. A boy who always liked playing pranks. Lots of itching powder in this one. wac0002

Page 3: Sweeny Toddler. An amusingly outrageous story about a crazy baby.

Pages 4 & 5: The Bumpkin Billionaires: A family who got rich.

Pages 6 & 7: Sid’s Snake. The main story in the Whizzer section featuring a boy and his pet snake Slippy.

Pages 6 & 7: Sid’s Whizz Kids. A chance to send in letters and pictures. Each one published wins a Bluebird Gear Box!

Page 8: Memory Banks. A boy named Bernie who has difficulty remembering things. wac0003

Page 9: Sammy Shrink. The start of the Chips section with a boy who can magically become smaller.

Page 10: Phil Fitt. A boy who loves fitness and is always trying a different sport.

Page 11: Bottom. An odd strip about a boy who constantly rips his trousers.

Pages 12 & 13. Mustapha Million. A rather rich young boy.

Pages 14 & 15: Shiner’s Chip-Ites. Another letters page for the Chips section.

Page 15: Shiner. Considered the main star of the Chips section, Shiner is a boy who is always getting into scrapes and ending up with a black eye.

Pages 16 & 17. Junior Rotter. Another double-page spread story featuring a rich boy who is rather mischievous.

Page 18: Percy’s Pets. A boy who seems to have an elephant and the like in his house.

Page 19: Paper Boy. Danny the paperboy is always causing chaos on his bike.

Pages 20 & 21. Town Tarzan. A boy who thinks he is the king of the jungle but lives on a street.

Page 22: Fuss Pot. A girl who is constantly complaining about everything.

Page 23: Hot Dog And Cool Cat. Yet another dogs vs cats-style story.

Page 24: Watford Gapp. “He’s the king of the rap”, telling us about his adventures in a rap style. wac0004

Page 25: An advert for Silver Spoon granulated sugar.

Page 26: Sweet-Tooth. A boy who just loves sweets, but not his enemy Greedy Greg. wac0005

Page 27: Paws. The adventures of a daft dog.

Pages 28 & 29: Store Wars. The battle between two rival superstores.

Page 30: An advert for the new comic Scouse Mouse Monthly.

Page 31: Toy Boy. Another good one about a boy who loves toys.

Page 32: Bobby’s Ghoul: A boy whose best friend is a ghost, because apparently that’s rather normal in comics.