Down The Dumper – The 2000s Part 14.

Here is another group who caused a stir on the chart for what turned out to be a rather brief time. Modjo were a French production group. Around this time there seemed to be a boom on French dance acts on the chart who were all making great singles, including Air, Bel Amour, Cassius, Daft Punk, and Modjo definitely were among them too.

In September 2000 “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)” was released. This was a great example of a song that had been big all across Europe throughout the summer, meaning that there were a rather large amount of people who were keen to buy this. So there wasn’t much surprise when this became a chart-topper, and this is also part of a rather small group of singles that spent more than one week at Number 1 in 2000.

This sampled “Soup For One” by Chic, and you can’t go far wrong with that group really, they made some great songs, and they are still held in high regard. And this came not long after “Groovejet” caused a sensation. I will always prefer that one more myself, but looking back it’s clear that we were being spoilt with dance classics on the chart at that time.

Modjo also made history by becoming the first-ever French group to have a chart-topping single in the UK, which took 48 years to happen. I don’t know if Daft Punk were disappointed that someone else got there first, but they would go on to have an era-defining Number 1 too, so maybe they weren’t that bothered. They also won at the MTV Europe Music Awards, and then they had another Top Ten hit (sort of).

In March 2001, “Lady” returned to the chart when this was put together with Brandy And Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine” as “The Ladyboy Is Mine” by British production group Stuntmasterz, making this a Top Ten hit for the second time in six months (a similar idea was done in 2015 by 99 Souls when they put “The Boy Is Mine” together with “Girl” by Destiny’s Child for “The Girl Is Mine”, which was a Top Ten hit too).

In April 2001, they had another hit with “Chillin'”, which reached no. 12. This is rather good too, but this has long-since been overshadowed by the success of “Lady”. But in October 2001, “What I Know” was released, and reached only no. 59, to be their final hit in the UK. So even this group’s chart success lasted for barely a year, and Modjo split not long after this.