CITV Memories – Victor And Hugo.

Victor And Hugo (CITV, 1991-1992)

There really were a lot of memorable cartoons on CITV in the 90s, and here’s a look back at yet another one. Victor And Hugo (which had the subtitle Bunglers In Crime) was set in France and was about two brothers who plotted to steal things, but it always went wrong because of their bumbling. It never occurred to me at the time that the title was actually a play on the name of the French novelist Victor Hugo, so that’s rather clever isn’t it.

Victor And Hugo was made by Cosgrove Hall, the same production team behind Danger Mouse and Count Duckula (and I plan to review that one soon too), although this one doesn’t seem to be as fondly remembered as those two, there were still plenty of good moments. And just like in those other two cartoons, David Jason provided some of the voices (which were always entertaining to hear). Victor was voiced by Jimmy Hibbert (who was also one of the writers), while Jason voiced Hugo. vlcsnap-00280

Victor And Hugo is simply one of those shows where one of them is stupid, and the other one is even more stupid. Victor was the taller one, and Hugo was the shorter beret-wearing one, and both of them wore masks. They were indeed a pair of criminals who worked for Naughtiness International and were rather useless at everything they did, and they often wouldn’t get away with it. Remember that crime doesn’t pay, youngsters. vlcsnap-00279

The show also featured some guest appearances by Danger Mouse and Count Duckula (who were both voiced by Jason of course), and there were a few other regular characters including Interpol The Parrot who lived in the car they they went around in. Victor And Hugo were just about the only human characters who appeared, there were a lot of talking dogs turning up. There were also a few catchphrases including “yes, and no… but mainly, no!”. vlcsnap-00298

There were 30 episodes in two series of Victor And Hugo, with the last one being shown shortly before Thames (which was one of the producers) left ITV, maybe it could’ve run for longer if they had continued, and it seems that it hasn’t been repeated in this country since 1992, although other countries have shown it more recently. But either way, this was another enjoyable cartoon from the early-90s. vlcsnap-00278

There were some episodes released on VHS, but I didn’t have any of those. There were also some books and cassettes released too. It’s yet another one of those shows where I’m sure there would be a lot of interest if it was released on DVD. Cosgrove Hall would go on to make one more cartoon for CITV in the mid-90s called Avenger Penguins, but I don’t remember watching that one so much.