More TV Memories – Two Stupid Dogs.

Two Stupid Dogs (1993-1995)

After I wrote about Potsworth And Co. on here recently, another Hanna-Barbera cartoon that featured canine chaos came into my mind. As well as CBBC and CITV, a lot of children’s programmes were shown on Channel 4 throughout the 90s on weekend mornings. I remember being intrigued by the titles of such programmes as Aaahh! Real Monsters!, so around 1997/1998 I decided to set the video so I finally could see some of these shows, and although I don’t remember watching too many episodes at the time, one show that made an impact on me was the cartoon Two Stupid Dogs.

What the show features is exactly as the title suggests, the two main characters were a little dachshund dog with a high-pitched voice, and a big Old English Sheepdog with a low-pitched voice, and he also had a purple nose, and his hair was always over his eyes. And would you believe it, neither of them were very bright, and they were always doing stupid things and managing to drop themselves into awkward situations, a lot of which were very silly. vlcsnap-00284

One episode that stood out to me because it was amusingly odd was when after little dog hears a voice on a phone say “please deposit 25 cents”, the dogs begin to look for a quarter coin. They have some difficultly finding one, at first having no luck with a change machine. They then decide to take part in experimental tests in a hope of earning some money but of course that doesn’t work. vlcsnap-00280

At one point the dogs turn up at a get rich scheme presentation hosted by a typically smarmy salesman with his tongue hanging out which made me laugh. In their final attempt to get the coin, big dog turns up at a bank and simply says “give me $10,000”. Being mistaken for a robber, big dog ends up in prison, and little dog uses his quarter that he finally got hold of to talk to him on the phone. And would you believe that all of this happened in a episode that was just seven minutes long. vlcsnap-00285

And of course I also enjoyed the episode that featured a game show parody where the dogs appear as contestants on the classic Let’s Make A Right Price. There were a few other characters in the show though, including a cat who little dog is scared of, and an angry man called Mr Hollywood who is always shouting. 26 episodes were made of Two Stupid Dogs and it is one of the few non CBBC/CITV 90s cartoons that I enjoyed, and in more recent years the show has also been repeated on Cartoon Network. It’s still very amusing two decades on. vlcsnap-00286