CITV Memories – An Afternoon With CITV.

An Afternoon With CITV (CITV, 1993)

After having a look back at various continuity clips recently, I remembered that a long time ago I left a tape running to record a whole afternoon of CITV, so here’s a look at some of the adverts that featured along with the shows. I’m fairly sure that it was recorded on 18 February 1993 in the Carlton region. Will there be lots of adverts for toys and things like that, let’s find out. vlcsnap-00931

We begin with the break just before CITV when Blockbusters has ended at around 3:45pm. There’s an advert for Daz featuring Danny Baker who has decided to ask Diane from Coventry if she would take their challenge. And no, she wouldn’t swap her Daz for anything else. Also featuring is Pampers with rather alarming references to clammy bottoms, and the soundtrack to ITV drama series Head Over Heelsvlcsnap-00910

CITV then starts, and we’re in the very early days of the host being Steven Ryde out-of-vision (although the symbol that was introduced in 1991 was retained) who would be behind the microphone for the next five years, before going off to work behind the scenes in children’s TV. There was a different look used for every day of the week and as it’s a Thursday there are some wooden things everywhere. Today includes Where’s Wally?, Tiny Toon Adventures, and Mike & Angelovlcsnap-00915

But now it’s time for Starfax, today featuring Angelo from Mike & Angelo, and we learn lots of things including he is approximately 3,000 nanoscroobles old, and his best friend is Concita Wobblybots. Adverts include Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles, and Kellogg’s Corn Flakes have an offer to get a free BT phonecard worth £2. Then there is some fancy yoghurt which is peach and maracuya flavour (I still don’t know what a maracuya is) and the Burger King Kids Club. vlcsnap-00917

There is a trail for cartoon Tale Spin that is coming tomorrow, and Steven almost does a spoonerism (“obnexious nophew”) going into a series 5 episode of Mike & Angelo, accompanied by a lively animation (I did enjoy how they fiddled around with the CITV symbol at this time), people can’t wait to watch. Guest stars this week include John “Ashley, I say, Ashley!” Savident and Joe “Spatz” Greco. A Carlton programme for ITV. vlcsnap-00920

Next is the first in a new series of Tiny Toon Adventures. There are adverts for Kellogg’s Rice Krispies with a free gift of a Red Nose Bike Reflector, plus strange ones for Sun Valley and Cadbury’s Mini Eggs. CITV isn’t only on weekdays though, we get a trail for what’s on offer on Saturdays and Sundays with What’s Up Doc? and The Disney Club at 9:25am. Cartoon Time with Bugs Bunny is next. vlcsnap-00924

Most notable in this break is a revised advert for Robinsons, removing the song which featured the memorable lyric “the bison sucks on his orange“. Then there is a trail for Just Us, the drama series featuring the Clarksons and the Holdsworths, coming on Friday. Tomorrow’s treats include Thomas The Tank Engine, Zzzap!, Tale Spin and Just Us. That’s all for now! vlcsnap-00929


CITV Memories – Tiny Toon Adventures.

Tiny Toon Adventures (1990-1995)

They’re tiny, they’re toony, they’re all a little loony… I know that it’s rather cheesy to start a piece on a TV show by just quoting the opening theme, but this really does describe the cartoon Tiny Toon Adventures rather well. For many years, Warner Brothers made a very successful series of cartoons that were frequently shown on TV and starred the likes of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, who became some of the most famous cartoon characters in history, and in the early-90s CITV began to show Tiny Toon Adventures, which was a continuation of those characters but featuring younger versions. vlcsnap-00604

Tiny Toon Adventures was a set in a fictional place called Acme Acres, where most of the cast attended the Acme Looniversity, and they were taught by various classic characters including Bugs Bunny how to be funny. The main characters in the show were Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny (no relation), although we got a next generation version of just about every famous Looney Tunes character, plus a few newcomers. vlcsnap-00613

These included Plucky Duck and Hamton J Pig who were among my favourites. A lot of the episodes were very odd and funny, and several centred around various parodies of such things such as famous films and TV shows. Most of these jokes were lost on me when I was about eight years old but I still very much enjoyed the show which brought Warner Brothers into the 90s. One episode that still sticks in my mind was “To Bleep Or Not To Bleep”, where Buster befriends a particularly foulmouthed rooster. As you do. vlcsnap-00612

Another thing that I remember about Tiny Toon Adventures was the credit sequence. It seems that at the end of every episode there was a joke credit and because I notice these kind of things I always looked out for it, and that’s not something the happens much on TV any more. Curiously though, CITV always showed the credits for the end of episode six, regardless of what episode they were actually showing, so most of the joke credits weren’t actually seen by viewers. There was also one extra piece from the characters at the very end of the show, usually Buster saying “and that’s a wrap”. vlcsnap-00617

Tiny Toon Adventures was a show that I always enjoyed watching on CITV and it did very well in the ratings, and as well as the regular episodes there were also a few Christmas specials, and eventually 100 episodes were made. Because I was a fan, I also remember having a couple of computer games based on the show on the Nintendo Game Boy and SNES. I wasn’t very good at them really but they were fun to play. Warner Brothers made many other great cartoons in the ’90s including Animaniacs, Freakazoid! and Taz-Mania which were all shown on CITV too, and I’ll be reviewing all of those soon.