Great Moments In Pop – The 90s Part 42.

I thought that I would have one final look back at the dance music scene in the early-90s. As I have said before, I first came across lots of songs from this era when I listened to Kisstory on radio station Kiss in the early-2000s. I remember really enjoying “Sweet Harmony” by Liquid, and I was also fond of a song by this group, who were another lot of pioneering button-twiddlers.

Shades Of Rhythm were an English production group who formed in the late-80s, and they were definitely a big part of the rave scene that would be all over the chart by the early-90s. Their first couple of hit singles in 1991 missed the Top 40. But in July 1991, “The Sound Of Eden” was released, which reached no. 35, and this is the one that I really liked (although I can’t find a video online).

It was also around this time when their self-titled album made the lower end of the chart. Next in November 1991 was “Extacy” (pronounced “Ecstasy”, hmm…), which was their most successful hit single, and the only one that made the Top 20. This definitely raised their profile, and even earned them an appearance on Top Of The Pops. They then returned to the chart in 1993 with another minor hit.

But then, in September 1993, “The Sound Of Eden” was re-released, maybe because this had now been established as an anthem in the clubs, and it was hoped that this could do better than first time round. This didn’t actually, but still reached no. 37, meaning that this was a Top 40 hit for a second time in two years. They then had some more minor hits, the last being in 1997.

But one reason why it is clear that “Sound Of Eden” is so influential is because this has been a hit single a further three times in cover versions, although none of these made the Top 40 (and rather curiously, all three covers had different titles too). First in May 1997 was “Sound of Eden” by Casino, which reached no. 52, and was the biggest of their two hit singles.

Then in May 2002 (coincidentally around the same time that I discovered the original), “Sounds Of Eden (Every Time I See The Girl)” by Deep Cover reached no. 63, and was their only hit. And in April 2007, “Every Time I See Her (Sound Of Eden)” by Another Chance reached no. 62 (although they later had a much bigger hit under the name Bodyrox). All of these covers were rather good, but the original will always be the best for me.