Comic Memories – The Beezer.

The Beezer (1956-1990)

The Beezer was another comic that was published by DC Thomson, it was tabloid sized until 1981. Again, I don’t remember this comic from the first time round, I am more familiar with the era when The Beezer merged with The Topper in 1990, but I managed to get hold of one now rather tatty issue in a charity shop a while back (No. 1531, 18 May 1985) so that’s the one I’ll be reviewing.

Pages 1 & 24: Ginger. The cover star on The Beezer changed a few times over the years, with Ginger being on the cover in the 80s. Now I do like this character, unsurprisingly he had a big shock of red hair and he was always getting into scrapes, this week he is trying to watch a football match that he hasn’t got tickets for, will he succeed? beezer0001

Page 2: The Numskulls. One of the better remembered strips, this is the one where little people live in some man’s head and control his functions. He’s got a cold so the nose department is being particularly overworked this week. This story continued in The Beano for many years after The Beezer ended, but this time with a boy called Edd. beezer0002

Page 3: Saucy Sue. I’m not sure what’s particularly “saucy” about her, she just seems to come across as another mischievous child character. beezer0003

Pages 4 & 5: Baby Crockett. A former cover star, this was a rather cute story about a toddler who says things like “me likes a game of football!”. beezer0006

Pages 6 & 7: Mighty Mik. A character who lived in the Stone Age who has been brought back to like after being found in a block of ice. He’s finding it difficult to adapt to the modern world, but his newfound friend Barney Ribble is helping him out.

Page 8: The Wallies Of Winkle Street. A strip featuring characters with names like Gertrude and Pongo and the antics that they get up to.

Page 9: Hungry Hoss. The story of a cowboy called Joe and his horse who always wants his dinner.

Page 10: Young Sid. He’s “The Copper’s Kid”, will he be able to help his dad bag Tough Timothy Together?

Page 11: Colonel Blink. He’s “The Short-Sighted Gink”, who is always causing chaos because he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Pages 12 & 13: Beefy Dan. Now he’s “The Fast-Food Man”, whatever you’d like to eat, he could make it for you.

Page 14: Plug. He’s in The Bash Street Kids in The Beano, he also briefly had a comic of his own from 1977 to 1979, and he also had a strip in The Beezer. He got around a lot.

Page 15: The Munchers. A farmer who’s always having trouble with rabbits.

Page 16: Smiffy. Not the Smiffy from The Bash Street Kids, he was yet another crazy boy.

Page 17: The Banana Bunch. Another long-running set of characters, a bit like The Beezer‘s equivalent of The Bash Street Kids, with them even having a character called Fatty, how amusing.

Pages 18 & 19: The Badd Lads. A bunch of inept crooks called Fingers, Knuck, and Boss who are usually up to no good.

Page 20: Mo’s Mail Bag. The letters page, with the weekly star prize being a fiver! It seems that there was no fan club as such to join though.

Page 21: Scrapper. A boy who’s always getting into fights, punching people and making them shout “ooyah!”, one of those exclamations that you only ever see in old comics.

Page 22: Pop, Dick And Harry. Again, these characters appeared on the cover of The Beezer for a while in the 60s, and this was the only strip to feature for the entire run, and this crazy trio are still as daft as ever. beezer0004

Page 23: Little Mo. Another naughty girl character, not to be confused with Dinah Mo in The Dandy. Or maybe that’s just me. beezer0005