CBBC Memories – The All-New Popeye Show.

The All-New Popeye Show (CBS, 1978-1983)

This is a cartoon character who has been around for a very long time. Indeed, I do remember seeing some cartoons of Popeye that were made in black-and-white, which was a rather strange experience, and seemed to defeat the point of them to me really, as I always presumed that they were designed to be rather colourful. But I was most fond of the series that were made in the 70s and 80s.

Although I thought that I had reviewed them all by now, it does seem that The All-New Popeye Show was yet another Hanna-Barbera production (although this mostly featured human characters rather than talking animals or anything like that, and they were rather unusual-looking ones). Popeye is of course the sailor man, and a can of spinach can do some rather unusual things to him, like giving him super strength.

Although I remember reading that in his very earliest stories, he actually gained his strength from rubbing a magic hen, which I thought was nonsense, but it does seem that this is actually the case. Well people had to be entertained somehow about 100 years ago. I’ve never had much spinach myself, I can’t imagine what would happen if I did. But this always manages to get him and everyone else out of a situation that could be best described as sticky.

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The other main characters include Popeye’s friends Olive Oyl, hamburger enthusiast Wimpy, and his quadruplet nephews, along with Bluto, who most certainly can’t be considered to be a friend. After saving the day, he would also often end episodes with a song. There were also a few extra segments, such as Popeye’s Treasure Hunt, and Private Olive Oyl, featuring her bizarre adventures in the army.

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Also, during the original run of the show, there was a live-action film made, starring Robin Williams, and nobody seems to know why. I can’t recall ever seeing this myself, although it would appear that I haven’t missed that much. The All-New Popeye Show was shown on CBBC for many years. And then going into the late-80s, there was another cartoon series, called Popeye And Son.

Well it seemed that after years of speculation, he has finally got together with Olive and now they have a son, we’d see their adventures together, and I’m sure that Junior was a right old chip off the old block that he called sonny boy. And there have been many spin-offs beyond this. I was surprised to discover that both these series were being repeated on CBBC as late as 2004.