CITV Memories – The Adventures Of Captain Zeelig.

The Adventures Of Captain Zeelig (CITV, 1996)

This is a strange one, this is now a rather obscure show. It doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry (gosh!), and the only piece I can find on the internet about it is on the UK Game Shows site which tells me that CITV only ever aired five episodes in May 1996 and it was so bad it’s listed in their “flops” category.

I do remember this show though because for some reason I recorded a small part of a couple of episodes, otherwise like just about everyone else it would have long gone from my memory, so here’s a review of the show to try and determine if anyone else does remember this and to decide what it actually was all about nearly 20 years later. vlcsnap-00184

The Adventures Of Captain Zeelig was a sort-of game show set in the future. The year is 2195 and planet Earth is on the brink of ecological disaster, and it seems that only one person can save us, guess who. It was up to Captain Zeelig and her crazy friend Lieutenant Kado to defend us from the horrible villain Colonel South and his puppet rat thing who want to destroy the world with their detonator, with a little help from the contestants of course to help them in their struggle. It would be something of an adventure for all of them. vlcsnap-00178

So there was the game back at base featuring the host Professor Dwek and two teams of three, and in between rounds we had some short scenes featuring our heroes and our villains showing their progress. The acting at this point could best be described as questionable. Captain Zeelig also possessed a dodgy American accent, which is strange as for all I know she probably was American. But look, the world is under threat, these teams are going to help the Captain save all of us, right? vlcsnap-00177

There were various rounds, one included some computer technology where contestants played a game guiding a spaceship through rings to score points, but if they collided with the meteors it would briefly knock them off-course. The team with the highest score when time ran out got some more points. vlcsnap-00180

Another round featured the contestants being asked multiple-choice questions. Their choices would then become a code which the Captain would enter into the computer, get the right combination for more points! vlcsnap-00181

One round included some Cyberbugs entering the studio, causing the audience to boo a lot, and the teams had to zap all of them to get everyone cheering again and collect more points. There was also your bog-standard quickfire buzzer round to end the game. vlcsnap-00182

The winning team with the most points, er, I mean energy units, won a collection of CD-Roms for their school, plus the pleasure of thwarting another of the Colonel’s horrible plans. It was a rather strange attempt at a futuristic game show which is all but forgotten now, expect by me. vlcsnap-00179

Captain Zeelig’s favourite food is satsumas.