Great Moments In Pop – The 2000s Part 21.

Here’s another American pop star who was only successful in this country for a brief time, but I did enjoy what she had to offer. Once again, this is someone who I discovered after I put music channel TMF on one day and hoped that something interesting might turn up. And then there was a video from a teenage singer called Stacie Orrico. I didn’t really know anything about her, but I did like her single “Stuck”.

And I mean I really did like it, and I always looked forward to when this would come on the TV (this was in the pre-YouTube days, and we had to make the best of what we had). “Stuck” was released in August 2003, just after my 20th birthday. I did think to myself, now I was no longer a teenager, would I still be interested in pop music? Well this was proof that I was. I hoped that this would do well, but I had no idea if this would make the chart. vlcsnap-00444

“Stuck” entered the chart at no. 11, and I was disappointed that this just missed the Top Ten, but it still wasn’t too bad. And then, one week later, this went up two places to no. 9, to unexpectedly become her first and only UK Top Ten hit single (something that she never achieved in America). I couldn’t believe it, this was still in the era when songs almost always descended the chart from their entry position, and I was very pleased for her. vlcsnap-00445

So of course, I was eager to discover her next move. In October 2003, her second album was released (the first being as long ago as 2000, but this wasn’t a hit in the UK), which just made the Top 40. In November 2003 “There’s Gotta Be More To Life” was released, and I was pleased to see her return to the music channels with something new. And looking back, Stacie played various characters in the video, including one with blue hair, which will always get my approval. vlcsnap-00446

“There’s Gotta Be More To Life” just missed the Top Ten, and I’d put it among “Stuck” as my favourites. Going into 2004, Stacie had two more Top 40 hits with “I Promise” and “I Could Be The One”, which were rather nice too. After a break of two years, Stacie returned with “I’m Not Missing You”, her fifth and final UK Top 40 hit. The third album “Beautiful Awakening” didn’t do that well though by comparison. I don’t know that much about what Stacie has done in the 15 years since, but I’ll remember her songs making the days a little more exciting.