Gaming Memories – Strike It Lucky Interactive DVD.

Strike It Lucky Interactive DVD Game (2006)

This is one of the better interactive DVD versions of a classic game show. Michael Barrymore hosted Strike It Lucky on ITV from 1986 to 1994, and this is the version that the DVD is based on, ignoring the Strike It Rich sequel which ran in the late-90s. This DVD was released in 2006 so it features Barrymore hosting the show for the first time in seven years, and it was made not long after his memorable appearance on Celebrity Big Brother. It’s clear that he’s in a computer-generated studio though acknowledging some canned applause. vlcsnap-01407

This DVD is good because it is very faithful to the original version of Strike It Lucky, with even the correct music and sound effects, with only a couple of changes to the rules. Three teams can take part. They answer questions on a category for two, three of four moves. Get them right and then they can have a turn at striking the screens. vlcsnap-01408

In this version, because there are no prizes on offer, categories appear on the screen, and you can bank them or move on to the next screen, risking one of the two Hot Spots turning up, and we all know that is not a good thing. The idea is that, the more categories you bank, if you get the end, the more choices you have of being able to pick a category that will give you a question that you could get right to win the game and make the final. The cover of the DVD boasts that there are over 2,000 questions in the game. Are you any good at history? vlcsnap-01412

One more point that I would like to make about the fad of interactive DVD games was that I remember something that Stephen Fry said in an interview when he was talking about a DVD version of QI that he had hosted. He said that making them mostly consisted of being sat in a room and saying many variations of “yes, that’s the right answer” or “no, that’s the wrong answer”, and that’s what happens in the Strike It Lucky DVD too, with Michael very eagerly telling you if you’ve got it right or wrong and he seems to be on good form. vlcsnap-01410

When you make the final, again it is similar to the TV version, and you have to pick the top, middle or bottom screen. Get a move and you carry on, get a question and you have to answer a true or false statement correctly, but a Hot Spot will land you in trouble. Find more than three of those and you lose the game. The computer will now jumble them all up… If you get to the end though and win, your prize is access to a screen for a competition to win an HD TV. I suppose that someone must have won it. vlcsnap-01414

This is the final interactive DVD that I have to review for now, but it definitely one of the best ones that was released and is great fun.