More TV Memories – Bid Best Bits – Part 10.

It’s time for yet another one of these (don’t worry, there aren’t many more planned to come). It’s hard to believe that this channel closed almost five years ago now, and here’s a look back at one of the happier memories. I even enjoyed the promotions on Bid between the auctions, and I thought that these were the best ones, highlighting the best way to bid, and definitely the worst way.

Firstly, there is one that features two women, one walks in and says “that looks interesting” (with plenty of bad acting thrown in) but they are right because it’s the auction channel. Andy Hodgson is currently selling a watch so who wouldn’t be tempted? I know I have said that it would have been good for other Bid/Price-Drop presenters including Greg Scott and Peter Simon to have gone on to further success, but it’s a real shame that Andy never had a go hosting on a higher-profile TV channel because I thought he was great. vlcsnap-00002

So the number is dialled (you don’t need to register!), and after listening to Andy’s lovely warm pre-recorded voice (remember it is not a conversation), a bid of £55 is made, which is high enough to be top of the leaderboard. To prove that it is live and interactive, Andy gives her a namecheck and a thumbs up (“well done Hazel that looks like!”), before closing the auction to much celebration, hooray. It’s that easy. vlcsnap-00003

Even better was this total failure. Should he bid £10 more? Elisa Portelli is about to close the auction on a cutlery set, so it’s the last chance to bid. He’s now at the bottom of the auction and time is running out. He’s done it plenty of times before though. “Simon, bid again!”. Despite being constantly told by Elisa and everybody else to bid again, he seems to be very relaxed about this inevitable mishap. vlcsnap-00006

Should Simon bid again? “I’m fine! I made my bid nice and early in the auction”. His bid of £24 is out of the auction so he’s got to do it now, but he couldn’t care less. The auction is closed and the realisation of what a fool he is suddenly hits him. Elisa did warn him about ten times though, it has to be made clear. The best thing about this promotion though was what happened afterwards. vlcsnap-00008

This was because the presenters started to comment on it, including Adam Freeman who would say “silly Simon!”. But best of all was Mike Mason, who when someone called Simon did drop out of one of his auctions, he would start to say “Simon, bid again, Simon!” in a silly voice. And he still did it after the promotion ended, and even after Elisa had left, and it made me laugh every time.