CITV Memories – She-Ra.

She-Ra: Princess Of Power (1985-1987)

Following on from He-Man that I reviewed recently, this is a spin-off cartoon from that show that was another success with viewers on CITV in the 80s. She-Ra had practically the same idea as He-Man, but presented from a female perspective, being aimed more at girls, although I think that I watched and enjoyed both to some extent.

This show starred Princess Adora, who it turns out is the twin sister of Prince Adam. They appeared together in a special called The Secret Of The Sword, and this was then recycled as the first five episodes of the show. Once again there was plenty of action and swords everywhere. Princess Adora lives on the planet Etheria, which I imagine is rather far away too. vlcsnap-01067

She-Ra is the defender of the Crystal Castle, and is also a member of The Great Rebellion, along with several other princesses. Also among Adora’s friends are Bow, Light Hope, and Madame Razz. When there is trouble around, which is fairly often of course, Adora simply gets The Sword of Protection out and says “for the honour of Grayskull”, and then transforms into a strong superhero, without even having to eat large quantities of spinach. It’s the same routine every time, but it’s worth it. Adora also owns a horse called Swift Wind that can transform too and fly. vlcsnap-01069

The main villain in the show is Kordak, although whether anybody considers them to be on the same level as Skeletor is debatable. They along with other villains including Shadow Weaver and various exploding robots are always aiming to cause trouble, but She-Ra and her sword (which also has the ability to change shape) always sorts them out. Among the princesses that we meet is Mermista, and I couldn’t help but notice her rather distinctive look. Well it’s another blue-haired woman from the 80s, how terrific.


You’ll never believe what Danielle… er, no, wrong one.

The show always ended with a moral, so I hope you’ve been watching closely. There were 93 episodes of She-Ra in two series, including the first series being 65 episodes long, but it’s not as many as they made of He-Man. She-Ra also united with He-Man for a Christmas special in 1985. And like many other people I’m sure, I have sometimes speculated if She-Ra is as awesome as Jem or not. vlcsnap-01064

Of course there were even more dolls and comics, they definitely milked this franchise for the merchandise. I don’t remember having any though, it would’ve been good to have had at least some of the comics. And to bring the story right up to date, within the past year or two there has been a revival of She-Ra which is currently being shown on the CBBC Channel.