CBBC Memories – Potsworth And Co.

Potsworth And Co. (1990)

Potsworth And Co. was a cartoon made by Hanna-Barbera which made its debut on CBBC at the start of 1991. Just like that other popular cartoon of the time, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, CBBC changed the title of the show from the original Midnight Patrol: Adventures In The Dream Zone. The idea of the show was that when four children plus a dog went to sleep they would enter a dream world. I also remember the theme music was rather funky too.

Potsworth And Co. featured five main characters, a group called The Midnight Patrol, the main one of course being Potsworth who was a Springer Spaniel dog with an English accent, voiced by Clive Revill. The others were Carter (who owns Potsworth), Keiko, who also had a flying skateboard, Rosie, and Nick, the youngest of the group who was also Rosie’s sister and had the ability to fly, and he was rarely seen without his toy dinosaur Murphy which could also come to life.

While they were in the Dream Zone, they had to protect everyone from having nightmares, because the main baddie in the show was The Nightmare Prince. They also try to help out The Grand Dozer who is the King of the Dream Zone who has to stay asleep, and of course The Nightmare Prince’s plans to take over and remove the world of dreams always fail in an amusing way. vlcsnap-00279

I was surprised to discover that only 13 episodes of Potsworth and Co. were made, and although they were shown on CBBC regularly, that was only half the story. In 1992 a Potsworth And Co. double-page strip began in The Beezer And Topper, and I always looked forward to reading this because it was as enjoyable as the TV show, and after that comic closed in 1993, the strip continued in The Dandy for a short while. vlcsnap-00274

I can’t think of any other TV cartoon show that has been turned into a strip by a DC Thomson comic, although CITV’s Dr. Zitbag’s Transylvania Pet Shop appeared in Buster for a while of course. Looking back at some episodes of Potsworth And Co. has been, like many other shows I have written about on here, an experience that has taken me back two decades or thereabouts to where I used to sit right in front of TV and watch all of these shows, and it felt good to be back in that place again. Although some episodes were released on VHS in the 90s, hopefully there’ll be a DVD release some day.