Musical Memories – Pop Princesses 2.

Pop Princesses 2 (2005)

A while ago I found an old music compilation called Pop Princesses 2, featuring lots of hit singles by female pop stars (and another franchise that ended up being rather milked somewhat). This featured one CD and one DVD, with various music videos. This was released just before YouTube was established and it wasn’t so easy to access music videos to watch online, so this was a good alternative.

There is also a poster, and you can download the ringtones of the songs too! Of course, this compilation was aimed at young girls, rather than anyone like me, but because I do remember a lot of these songs, and as enough time has now passed that a lot of these have long since gone from the chart, I thought that I’d review the 16 songs on the DVD, and pick out some of my highlights.

Britney Spears “My Prerogative”: This is a cover of the Bobby Brown song. I’ve never really been a big Britney fan, but this was one of the better ones for me. Girls Aloud “Wake Me Up”: I never watched that much of Popstars: The Rivals, but if I had known that one of the groups formed would go on to make some really great pop singles, I would’ve been more interested. This isn’t my favourite by them (“Love Machine” has got to be a contender), but this is still good, and knowing what we know now, it’s tough to realise that one of them wouldn’t live to see her 40th birthday.

Pink “Don’t Let Me Get Me”: This is someone whose biggest hits span two decades now, but I can’t really get on with this one. “So irritating“, well, you said it. Christina Aguilera “What A Girl Wants”: Where do I stand on the Britney v Christina debate? Well nowhere, really. This is horrible! Rachel Stevens “More More More”: I had no interest in S Club 7, they seemed to be aimed at five-year-old girls, but even if I ever had been a five-year-old girl, I’m sure I still wouldn’t have liked them. However, unlikely as it seemed, Rachel has gone on to have one of the more interesting post-pop group careers, with lots of really good singles, and this one is a cover of the old Andrea True disco hit.

Avril Lavigne “My Happy Ending”: Er, yeah, do “Sk8er Boi”. Anastacia “Left Outside Alone”: I remember that when the was played on The Hits channel, they got the title wrong. That’s it, really. Jojo “Leave (Get Out)”: One of the youngest singers on the scene at this time, I think she was about 14 when she had this hit. Natasha Bedingfield “These Words”: Following her brother Daniel as a chart-topper, this was a “writing a song about writing a song” song. Probably.

Ashlee Simpson “Pieces Of Me”: The sister of Jessica, I never really liked her songs, this one is tolerable though. Christina Milian feat. Joe Budden “Whatever U Want”: A much better Christina than Aguilera, oh yes. And Joe Budden too? Terrific. The 411 “Dumb”: This was a girl group who had a few hits, and looked like they were about to go on to bigger things (“the British Destiny’s Child” and all that), and then they just vanished one day, which was rather disappointing.

Nina Sky feat. Jabba “Move Ya Body”: A female duo who I think were also twin sisters. I did like this one, again, I think this was their only hit. Dannii Minogue V Flower Power “You Won’t Forget About Me”: Extending her pop career a little by teaming up with all kinds of fancy dance producers on the scene, but this did result in some rather enjoyable hits.

Verbalicious “Don’t Play Nice”: I have already looked back at this one, the only hit for a young female rapper, who has also been an actress and talent show judge. Kylie Minogue “Better The Devil You Know”: Rather curiously, the final song on the DVD (and CD) is from 1990, about 15 years ago at this point. Kylie was at the stage where every new video was promised to be “sexier than the last”, so this almost looks tame by comparison to others now. Very funky though.