More TV Memories – Unnovations.

Unnovations (PlayUK, 2001)

This is another original comedy show on the great digital channel PlayUK, back in the days when there was something worth watching on TV after 11pm. I wonder who else saw this one at the time. From the people who brought you the TV listings magazine parody website TVGoHome, came Unnovations, which parodied the content of mail-order catalogues.

This then transferred to TV (curiously this was around the same time that the TV version of TVGoHome launched, although this was on E4). This was essentially a parody of shopping channels, maybe not the most original idea, but it was done with such a bizarre twist that it was still worth taking a look. Depending on your sense of humour, some of the items featured could’ve gone into bad taste.

So the show took the move to begin with a “if you don’t like it, instead of complaining, go away, and save all of us the hassle”-style disclaimer (well it wasn’t as blunt as that, but it wasn’t too far off). Unnovations featured various hosts, including Ross Lampton, and let’s face it, his style was almost certainly based on Richard Madeley.

There were several items featured that could take people’s interest. How about treating yourself to The Celebutate Factoid Blaster? Or why not try a Sherlock Golden Robot? Have they got what you want? Just grab it! Nobody is waiting to take your call, because it’s not real. With so many terrific-looking products on offer, they definitely blew their rivals Channel Shoppy Shop away!

There were also some guest appearances from Tony Scannell, best-known for playing DS Ted Roach in The Bill for about a decade. I presume that this was supposed to be a parody of a once big name turning up on small-time TV channels. I don’t know why they picked him of all people to feature, but either way it worked. You’ll definitely bag a bargain.

There was only one series of Unnovations, which was probably watched by only about nine people, although this definitely matched TVGoHome‘s odd style. Following on from the website and TV series, there was also a book released, which I don’t have myself, although I presume that it featured many more variations on these ideas. What will they think of next.