More TV Memories – My Life In Film.

My Life In Film (BBC3, 2004)

The history of comedy shows on BBC3 is a rather curious one. Lots of ideas have been given a chance to be tried, and they have ranged from being actually rather good, to total rubbish. Now of course everyone will have their own view on what shows go into what categories, but although this wasn’t one of the more successful sitcoms, this was definitely one of the most creative.

There have also been several strands of programming on BBC3, and this one was a part of “Comedy Tuesday”, because Tuesdays can be funny, can’t they, how great. I must admit that I don’t know much about film or the art of filmmaking, but among the things that attracted me to My Life In Film was the cast. Among them was Kris Marshall, who is better known for appearing in various things including My Family, Death In Paradise, and, er, those BT adverts.

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But also appearing was the woman off Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace (Alice Lowe)! This was one of my favourite comedy shows from this era. Now I know that this show is something totally different, but I was just so pleased to see her on TV again. Art works at a cinema, and aims to get into film himself. He describes himself as an independent low-budget director, although he actually has never made a film.

The closest that he has come is when he tries to write a script, but he often gets no further than a title, and just ends up falling asleep at his typewriter. His best friend is Jones, who is also his flatmate, and his girlfriend is Beth, both of them are wary of Art’s ambitions. The idea is that Art often gets caught up in things in his life that play out as films. Various genres were covered, and the films included Rear Window, The Shining, and Top Gun. Several famous scenes are recreated, and Jones and Beth also end up getting caught in all of this.

This was a sitcom that ended up going off into more unusual areas than most. However, as worthwhile an idea this was, My Life In Film turned out to be yet another one series wonder. As far as I know, there wasn’t a DVD release, although there was a repeat run on BBC2 not long after. And the good thing is that in more recent years, unlike her mate Art, Lowe really has gone on to have some success in the film industry as a director.