The Comedy Vault – Little Britain Live.

A long time ago, Little Britain was a successful comedy sketch show on the radio, before transferring to TV, and becoming very popular. After three TV series, it seemed a rather obvious idea for Lucas and Walliams to take these characters on tour, but the demand probably exceeded even their expectations, as a huge amount of people were interested.

So they decided to put together a stage show, you’ve seen them on the TV, now you can see them doing it right in front of you (so to speak). They ended up doing 200 shows, all over the country, as the people of Britain wanted to meet these people of Britain, if that makes sense. A performance in Blackpool was released on DVD, so I had to have that one.

This begins with a sketch featuring Lou and Andy. Lou says that they are going to see their favourite TV show, and Andy says excitedly “GMTV!”. Now this made me laugh a lot because of the image that this put into my head. I just thought that it’s not exactly a show that can be done on tour. Maybe the hosts on the sofa could be on stage, and when it’s time for the weather there could be a big cheer.

Although it’s more likely that I found this rather amusing because I was a little giddy was I watching this DVD for the first time one Christmas. Having to perform as all of the famous characters meant that there must’ve been a lot of quick costume change action behind the scenes, I can only imagine that it was a right kerfuffle. But all the favourites were there of course.

And yes, they did do the catchphrases, everybody has their favourite. Who can forget such classics as “I’m a lady”, “lady says no”, and “I’m the only lady in this village”. I think that’s what they were. And as for the sketch featuring Des, the failed children’s TV host… well, words fail me. But again, I laughed a lot, probably in horror. What a time it was to live in.

This turned out to be the biggest comedy tour in the world (probably). There are also plenty of extras on the DVD, including a look behind the scenes, along with some extra sketches. There is also a card inside the DVD case reminding you to buy the TV series, along with a huge amount of merchandise. And you can also visit the Little Britain website for all of the latest news. I imagine that it’s not updated much nowadays.