More TV Memories – It’s Kevin.

It’s Kevin (BBC2, 2013)

Kevin Eldon is a comic actor who has contributed to several comedy shows over the years, although he was never the main cast member as such. His long list of credits include Big Train, Fist Of Fun, and I’m Alan Partridge. He was definitely one of those people who fell into the “I know the face, but I don’t know the name” category. So a lot of people were pleased when he was finally given a comedy show of his own, and there was no doubt that he would be the star of this one.

What direction would It’s Kevin go in then? Well there was an indication that this would be something different from the opening sequence, which featured Kevin along with lots of puppet versions of himself performing the opening theme, and this seemed to get increasingly ridiculous with every passing edition (and I always like it when shows do that).

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Most of the sketches took place in a white void (there was a time when a lot of comedy shows seemed to do this). There was also a red sofa, where Kevin would give us his views on life, and sometimes he would be joined by other people, where things would end up taking a rather unusual turn. There were also plenty of sketches, such as parodies of adverts, songs, and also a few regular characters.

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Among these was Paul Hamilton the terrible poet, who Kevin had already played for many years before this show. But the amount of comedy talent that also featured and were happy to play second to Kevin for a change really was impressive. These included Bill Bailey, Harry Enfield, Peter Serafinowicz, and Paul Whitehouse. Imagine having all of those as your comedy mates that you could call on.

It’s Kevin really was an enjoyable show that featured the kind of quirky comedy that I think that BBC2 should be doing. However, it was also rather low-key, and shown in a late-night slot. So of course, there was only one series, although as he had now had his moment in the spotlight, maybe that was as far as Kevin wanted to take the idea. I don’t recall there being a DVD release or repeat run either. After this though, Kevin has continued to contribute to various TV and radio comedy sketch shows as only he can.