More TV Memories – I ❤️ The 1990s.

I ❤️ The 1990s (BBC2, 2001)

Following the I ❤️ The 1970s and I ❤️ The 1980s series that were a success with viewers, it made sense to have a look back at yet another decade of pop culture highlights. I ❤️ The 1990s featured references to all of the big trends of the time, including TV shows, pop groups (all of those boy bands), films, toys, adverts, and lots more. Beavis And Butt-Head, The Simpsons, Mr Blobby, what remarkable times they were.

As I was old enough to remember this decade, there’s no doubt that a lot of memories came flashing back for me, and it was a rather strange experience. You don’t realise at the time that there will come a point where it was all rather a long time ago really. As ever, there were plenty of contributions from people who were a part of this, along with plenty of others who also had their memories to share.

However, as this followed on so quickly from the previous two series, it did feel like there was some fatigue beginning to creep into the format, and was even beginning to border on self-parody. I do remember being particularly amused by some of Johnny Vegas’s comments on old adverts and various other things, but it seemed that the joke has been stretched as far as it could be really.

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Every edition was an hour long, when the previous series had ran to 90 minutes every week. And another thing that was said by many viewers about this show at the time was “why is I ❤️ 1999 made in 2001 when it was only two years ago?”. Maybe it would’ve been a better idea to have waited a while and made this in more recent years.

But this does remind me that there has never been a I ❤️ The 2000s or even I ❤️ The 2010s equivalent, maybe that could be done one day. And rather curiously, a few years ago, some editions were repeated for no particular reason in a random order, and they had been condensed to 30 minutes. The weird thing is that you can almost get nostalgic about this genre of TV in itself now. I wonder if Stuart Maconie has anything amusing to say about that