More TV Memories – Another Afternoon With CITV.

Another Afternoon With CITV (CITV, 1993)

Last month I did a piece looking back at some programmes and adverts that were shown during CITV one afternoon. This was very well received, and indeed it’s currently my most viewed blog piece of 2019. I remembered that I did record another afternoon of CITV in full, so I thought that it would be a good idea to review that as well. I’m fairly sure that it was recorded on 15 April 1993 in the Carlton region, here are some of the highlights. vlcsnap-00174

We begin with some of the break before the start of CITV, which includes an advert for a partwork about The Animals Of Farthing Wood, a cartoon that was actually shown regularly on CBBC at the time, so it seems to a little unusual to promote it here. Also featuring is Galaxy chocolate and Vortex, a bleach which helps out toilets that are full of noisy germs thanks to its patented thickening system, much to the relief of Michael Fenton-Stevens. vlcsnap-00185

We also have Kellogg’s Coco Pops (which I have never liked myself) and its invisible jigsaw free gift. CITV begins with a trail, there are plenty of great shows to enjoy, made for you. We are then welcomed by Steven Ryde who is now a couple of months into his five-year stint behind the microphone. It’s a Thursday and there’s plenty to come, but as we’ll see the emphasis seems to be more on what’s coming tomorrow. Today’s programmes are Garfield And Friends, A Disgraced Antipodean Didgeridoo Player’s Cartoon Club, and Tiny Toon Adventuresvlcsnap-00186

After Garfield And Friends ends, there’s a trail for a programme coming on Monday all about the environment called Go Wild. Adverts in this break include Burger King, Snickers, Kellogg’s Frosties, and Fruit-Tella, which has been classified by the The Really Juicy Board Of Classification apparently, and it also features a song about the joys of Fruit-Tella that is almost to the tune of Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy”. vlcsnap-00188

We also have adverts for computer game Super Mario Land 2 on the Nintendo Game Boy featuring the floating head of Wario and his horrible laugh, Monster Munch with a free gift for your bike, and the pool-playing Munch Bunch Pot Shots and their yoghurt. Then there is a trail for cartoon Tale Spin that is coming tomorrow, followed by a pair of goldfish who introduce the next programme which features some classic Warner Brothers cartoons. vlcsnap-00189

Then we have the CITV Word Of The Day which is “participate”. There is some big excitement about the major event coming tomorrow though, the start of the fifth and final series of acclaimed drama Press Gang! Julia Sawalha and Dexter Fletcher are back. I recently got this on DVD as I do remember watching it, and I plan to review it on here some time soon. Tiny Toon Adventures is next. vlcsnap-00203

We have some more adverts including a few repeats of the ones shown earlier such as the Burger King Kids Club Meal with its free mystery gift, along with the return of The Robinsons Gang who I presume are still sucking on their oranges. We also get adverts for Thorpe Park (I must admit I’ve never been myself), Kinder’s Teeny Terrapins (hand-painted as they’re extra special), and McCain’s Oven Chips, healthy and great. vlcsnap-00213

After a trail for drama series Runaway Bay on Monday (one that I don’t really remember watching myself), we have another creative CITV ident going into Tiny Toon Adventures starring Plucky Duck. We then see a girl who is very keen to tell us about CITV, before being told once again that Tale Spin and Press Gang are coming tomorrow, they really are. Steven informs us that we’d have to be off our trolley to miss any of it. vlcsnap-00214

Although I recorded lots more CITV clips and adverts over the years, I don’t have any more full afternoons, and I never recorded a CBBC afternoon in full, but I hope you enjoyed this look back over 25 years ago.

CITV Memories – Garfield And Friends.

Garfield And Friends (1988-1994)

Garfield is a cartoon strip that was created by Jim Davis and it was first published in 1978. It centres around the adventures of a rather lazy ginger cat. Garfield likes to sleep around the house all day, and the only thing that seems to get him excited is being able to eat lasagna which is his favourite food. Garfield is owned by the long-suffering Jon Arbuckle who does his best to look after him, but he always gets the better of Jon as he has a witty aside for every occasion. After a while Garfield became very popular so the decision was made to turn the strip into a TV show.

Of course, somebody thankfully realised that cats don’t speak, so we heard Garfield’s thoughts from his mind courtesy of Lorenzo Music who had a suitably downbeat voice. Garfield And Friends launched in the late-80s and it was shown on CITV regularly for about a decade. One amusing part of the show in the early series was that like The Simpsons there was a change to the opening sequence every week. This was were Garfield would make a quick joke, such as “welcome to my world… did you bring food?”. vlcsnap-00688

As the episodes progressed, we saw Jon and Garfield interact in lots of stories, but there were other characters in the show, including Odie the dog who Garfield wasn’t very found of, the cute kitten Nermal, and we meet some more of Jon’s family. I also remember that Garfield liked to watch the TV a lot, especially Binky The Clown, a crazy screechy-voiced TV star who made Krusty The Klown in The Simpsons seem calm and sensible by comparison. vlcsnap-00684

The “Friends” in the show were the stars of the other segment, which was Orson’s Farm (known in America as US Acres). This was also created by Jim Davis and featured various farm animals including Orson the pig, Booker and Sheldon the chickens, Roy the rooster, and Bo and Lanolin the sheep. I also remember Wade the duck who was scared of everything, and he always wore a rubber ring which had his face on it, and the expression on it changed when Wade’s did, it’s odd how you remember these things. vlcsnap-00689

Garfield And Friends was a cartoon that I always enjoyed watching on CITV, and eventually it ran for seven series and was released on DVD, but not in this country unfortunately. There has also been a huge amount of Garfield merchandise, including books and those toys which had suction caps on them so you could stick them to your car window which seemed to be all the rage for a short while. After the cartoon ended, the story continued though, there were two film versions made which featured real people and a computer-generated version of Garfield, and almost 40 years after it launched, the comic strip continues in newspapers around the world to this day. vlcsnap-00690