The One-Hit Wonders – The 90s Part 11.

I don’t usually do pieces about here today/gone tomorrow faceless dance acts, because however much I might like the songs, there isn’t much of a story about the people behind them. But I have decided to review this one, because I did find it all rather bizarre. Firstly, this is a song by a British production group called Progress Presents The Boy Wunda.

Now I don’t know who “The Boy Wunda” is really, but it was nice of them to present him to us. What is also notable about “Everybody” is that this was released in December 1999, meaning that this was on the final chart of the 90s, and I have said before about the rush by many acts to feature on this significant chart, which ended up unfortunately ended up scuppering a few promising careers, including Thunderbugs.

When I heard “Everybody” on the radio, I did notice a few things. Firstly, this sounded rather similar to the introduction to Madonna’s hit “Papa Don’t Preach”. I’m not sure if it was a direct sample, as I always thought that the original sampled a piece of classical music itself, I’m not sure (you can clearly tell that I’ve spent a lot of time researching this).

There were also some rather cheap-sounding keyboard noises, along with somebody randomly shouting “Everybody“. This didn’t really sound as if it was a big-budget production. But then I saw the video, featuring old ladies miming along to the music, along with some men in hard hats doing a dance, but it was clearly a winning formula that delighted the public.

I also saw somebody say that “Everybody” was a “pumpin’ house stomper”, which I think means that they liked it. This clearly did attract interest from a lot of people though, as this reached no. 7, to become the first and only time that they made the Top Ten (or Top 75). This led to an appearance on Top Of The Pops, featuring a rather curious interpretation of all this.

But I suppose that if you are really ever only going to appear on this show once, then you might as well make the most of it, and get people talking and wondering what it was all about, if they weren’t all too dizzy from anticipating that millennium nonsense. I don’t know where The Boy Wunda is now though. Maybe he works at The Carphone Warehouse.