CITV Memories – Duck Tales.

Duck Tales (1987-1990)

Time for another cartoon review. This is I’m fairly sure the last one that I want to review that was produced by Disney, following on from Chip ‘N’ Dale and Tale Spin. I must admit that I haven’t really watched any of the feature-length films in full, and I was never incredibly excited by the antics of Mickey Mouse and the like, but I do remember taking an interest in this one, partly because it was on CITV regularly in the early-90s, and it became rather popular. It was based on a series of comics that had been around since the 50s.

One of the best-known Disney characters is Donald Duck, and this show concentrated on some of his relatives (although Donald did appear in the first series). The main character in Duck Tales is Scrooge McDuck, who was elderly, wore a top hat, had a Scottish accent, and was also rather rich, as in billionaire levels of rich, and he memorably liked to swim around in his coins that were all locked away in a big vault that he was rather fond of. vlcsnap-00967

After Donald went away, Scrooge had to look after his young grandnephews Huey, Dewie, and Louie, and all three of them were voiced by the same actress. Now looking back at their colour-coded clothes including their caps, I couldn’t help but be reminded a little of the look of Snap, Crackle, and Pop, I don’t know if that was intentional or not. Scrooge also liked to travel the world with various other characters including Launchpad McQuack and Fenton Crackshell on the search for even more valuable treasures. vlcsnap-00977

And of course, because Scrooge was so rich, there were many enemies in the show who were interested in trying to get their hands on his money. Among the most regular of these were Flintheart Glomgold, and The Beagle Boys, who were always causing trouble, but guess what, their plans always failed. There were plenty of other ducks and animal characters who featured in the show, this was clearly a human-free zone. vlcsnap-00965

There were 100 episodes of Duck Tales in four series, and it did do well. Every opportunity was taken with the merchandise, so plenty of books and computer games were released. There was also a film special in 1990, along with a revival of the TV series a few years ago. Although some episodes were released on VHS a while ago, I’m fairly sure that there hasn’t been a DVD release in this country. There’s no doubt that it was the best duck-related cartoon on CITV since Count Duckula.