Radio Memories – Milton Jones.

Milton Jones is a stand-up comedian who has been on the scene since the 90s. He became known for his rather bizarre observations, featuring lots of enjoyable wordplay. This meant along with his loud shirts and messy hairstyle he came across as something of a more surreal (and Welsh) Tim Vine, which is fine by me. Among his early TV work is the late-night sketch show Planet Mirth (which I haven’t seen myself, although I believe I haven’t missed much), and sitcom The Strangerers. Milton has also had deserved success on the radio, with four different series, which he has been among the writers of, beginning with… mj

The Very World Of Milton Jones (BBC Radio 4, 1998-2001)

This was the series where we were first introduced to Milton’s world. He would begin with some rather odd but typical jokes, before the story began to develop. Every week Milton would find himself in an unusual situation, such as being chased by a bull, or about to be bitten by a cobra. This then leads to a near-death experience, time stops, and his life begins to flash before his eyes. His guardian angel then appears, and together they look back at some of the things that he has done, before leaving him on his own, yet somehow he always manages to get out of the situation and miraculously survives. This one was packed with laughs, and enhanced by the guest cast, which included Alexander Armstrong, Dave Lamb, and Alistair McGowan. Definitely among my favourites.

The House Of Milton Jones (BBC Radio 4, 2003)

In this one-off series we met Milton and his family at home, including his sister Susan (Olivia Colman), her useless husband Ian, Aunt Dilys, and Milton’s friend Anton (Tom Goodman-Hill) who lives in the basement. Susan and Ian also have toddler twins, although they are never heard. Once again, anything can happen.

Another Case Of Milton Jones (BBC Radio 4, 2005-2010)

Milton now had a different job in every edition, such as an architect, or a chef, and he claimed to be world-renowned in this area, but as we discover he was clearly clueless. Once again, his friend Anton also featured.

Thanks A Lot Milton Jones (BBC Radio 4, 2014-present)

Milton has released that there is a lot wrong with the world, and he has become very eager to help as many people as he can in every edition, whether they want him to or not. Along with Anton, the other regular cast member is their landlady Pauline (Josie Lawrence). The pun count along with the strange situations continue to amuse.

Along with all this, in more recent years, Milton has also done several tours, and three of his shows have been released on DVD. He has contributed to comedy panel games including Mock The Week, and he also did a pilot episode on for the sitcom Milton Jones’s House Of Rooms on Channel 4, which was typically strange and should’ve got a series. His granddad is also believed to be very proud of him.