Game Show Memories – 100% Halloween.

100% Halloween (Channel 5, 1997)

One of the game shows that I remember watching in the early days of Channel 5 was 100%, the show where contestants answered 100 quick-paced general knowledge questions that were asked by Robin Houston. There were also several variations, including some themed specials. I have already looked back at a special that was based on the 80s, and now, here’s a look at another one, and you can probably guess why I have decided to review this one today.

Yes, it’s 100% Halloween, full of ghoulies and ghosties! Three contestants took part, who were rather different to who usually appears. The first contestant was a monster, the second was a witch, and the third was a vampire. Now I’ve got no idea if these were some people who applied to be on the show, or whether they put some members of the production team in front of the camera after having a lot of makeup applied. vlcsnap-00350

All of the 100 questions (either multiple-choice or true or false) were Halloween themed, so get those fingers on ready on those buttons. Now the joke here is that the monster is too big and unwieldy to be able to move his arm and press the button within the time limit, so he isn’t likely to win. Robin seems to find this rather amusing, a contrast to his usual straightforward style of questioning. vlcsnap-00453

Well at least it meant that Ian from Hemel Hempstead was guaranteed not to win this edition. The monster isn’t able to give an answer until the fifth question… and then gets it wrong. That’s not very good. There are also a few questions with picture and sound clues. The monster is unable to keep up, but the gap between the witch and the vampire for first place is rather narrow. vlcsnap-00361

At the halfway point, the monster is so far behind that Robin is moved to say “you’re hopeless”. He isn’t usually this harsh! He then goes on to get the other scores mixed up, but the witch has gone into the lead, just about. Robin really has had enough of the monster by this point, and doesn’t hide the fact that he is unimpressed by the current score of 15%. vlcsnap-00455

After 80 questions, the monster might as well go home, but the witch remains in the lead. After the final round of questions, the winner is the witch with a score of 76%. The others have done so badly that they end up evaporating into the air. Robin decides against giving the witch the star prize of £200 though, and gives it to charity instead, meaning that good does triumph. The show closes with the theme to Bewitched and a big pumpkin, now that really is spooky.