More TV Memories – The Crazy World Of Joe Pasquale.

The Crazy World Of Joe Pasquale (ITV, 1998-1999)

As I have said in a few other pieces, when I was younger I enjoyed Joe Pasquale, always described as the “squeaky-voiced comedian”, whose style really can be described as madcap. You either find him rather amusing or irritating. I remember seeing him for the first time on The Magic Comedy Strip in 1992, but he actually made his TV debut in the late-80s. He has also toured a lot, and is best buddies with Bradley Walsh.

Since then, he had has a few shows of his own, and while they have attracted some famous faces and contained plenty of laughs, they were not scheduled in high-profile slots. In 1996, there was The Joe Pasquale Show, a one-off on ITV that was shown in a Saturday Night primetime slot, but in the quiet post-Christmas pre-New Year period.

He then returned in The Crazy World Of Joe Pasquale, where he showed off more of his rather silly jokes and sketches as only he could do them. Although this was probably too corny for some tastes, it has to be said that could definitely make people laugh, and one critic commented on the “noisy, cackling audiences” that greeted his antics (well this was an LWT production).

But there were only two editions of this. In the first, Lisa Riley, Leslie Grantham, Melinda Messenger and Richard Whiteley took part, and there was a musical interlude from Boyzone. In the second, guests included Lionel Blair, Mystic Meg, Uri Geller, and Paul Ross, and there was music from Eternal. And again, there was the rather curious scheduling of these.

These were also shown in the quiet post-Christmas pre-New Year slot, but on consecutive Sunday afternoons, and even worse, they were copyrighted 1997, so they must’ve already been hanging around for about a year by this point. This was rather disappointing, honestly, they would never have treated Brian Conley like this! Afterwards, Joe continued to tour the country.

He then had another wave of fame when he took part in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, which he won. This led to him having an edition of An Audience With…, which put him back into primetime again, although the star-studded audience just about consisted of his fellow contestants in the jungle, and half the cast of Coronation Street. He also hosted a revival of The Price Is Right, which didn’t last long in its daytime slot, although he must be used to it by now.


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