The One-Hit Wonders – The 2000s Part 14.

This is another one of those frustrating situations where this group only had one hit single in the UK, but the one that I like the most by them and would rather go on about actually didn’t make the Top 75. Freeform Five are an electronic production group, that has also featured various singers and musicians, and their first single was released as early as 1997.

But they didn’t get near the chart for the first time until December 2003, when the rather spectacularly-titled “Eeeeaaooww” was released, and reached an unofficial no. 180. Next in July 2004 was “Strangest Things”, which reached an unofficial no. 90 (and an album with the same name was released around the same time, but didn’t chart).

In October 2004, “Eeeeaaooww” was given another go, and this time reached an unofficial no. 86, a big improvement on last time, but still not high enough to be a hit. In October 2005 “No More Conversations” was released, but that hit still proved elusive when this reached an unofficial no. 123. This is the one that is my favourite of theirs, maybe it would be a good idea to give this one another go too.

Then in January 2006, they collaborated with the producer Mylo. He had already had a few hit singles, that were “Drop The Pressure”, “Destroy Rock And Roll”, and “In My Arms”. As if “Drop The Pressure” wasn’t epic enough already, this was re-released as a mash-up with Miami Sound Machine’s “Dr Beat” to become “Doctor Pressure”, which was his first and only Top Ten hit single.

So while he was rather high-profile, Freeform Five were lucky enough to get to work with him, on “Muscle Car”. This reached no. 38, to become their only hit single, but they had got there at last. Then in June 2007 “No More Conversations” was re-released, and this time reached an unofficial no. 77, being very close to becoming their second hit, which it deserved to be.

I remember that this was on the radio rather a lot at the time, and the video features a dance being done by some invisible people. Once again, why this wasn’t huge, and considered by many to be the sound of the summer is a mystery to me. And returning the compliment, Mylo did a remix of this. Since then, Freeform Five have continued to be in-demand remixers.


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