Down The Dumper – The 90s Part 22.

This is someone who had already featured in one of my longer pop music pieces, but since then, there has been a rather exciting and unexpected new chapter in the story. Betty Boo started out in the late-80s as a member of the pioneering female rap group She Rockers, so she had already been on the scene for a while when she had her first Top Ten hit single in 1989.

She had two further Top Ten hits with “Doin’ The Do” and “Where Are You Baby”, and she was definitely one of the big stars of 1990. I remember that she was one of the first pop stars that I really took notice of and enjoyed, and based on the response to the repeats of her Top Of The Pops performances, it seems that I wasn’t the only one pleasingly.

She also got on to the cover of Smash Hits three times, along with many other magazines. Her success faded rather quickly though, and her final hit single was in April 1993 when “Hangover” reached no. 50. Not much was heard from her after that, although she remained in the music business as a songwriter, and she also worked on a few other projects including Wigwam.

Update: I forgot to say that in October 1993 Betty also appeared as a contestant on Channel 4’s The Music Game. This was a game show that was known for its unusual combinations of contestants taking part to show off their knowledge, so she was on the same panel as Neil Innes and Nicholas Parsons.

But then last year, she returned to the scene, with the announcement of her third album “Boomerang”, her first since 1992, 30, yes, THIRTY, years earlier. She also did a few interviews, and videos were made for the songs “Get Me To The Weekend” and “Shining Star”. She also hired a few high-profile names to collaborate with including Chuck D, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and David Gray.

She had pretty much picked up where she had left off, after all these years she was finally doin’ the do again, and I know that I shouldn’t talk about a lady’s age but it was remarkable to think that she was now 52 because she didn’t look a day older from the 90s and she definitely still had it, and there were plenty of positive reviews too. She also admitted that this was the album that she should’ve made when she was 25.

“Boomerang” was released in October 2022 and reached no. 45, so not exactly a sensation, but this was still higher than the peak of second album “Grrr! It’s Betty Boo”. You could buy this on vinyl or CD, and I can’t get my head around the fact that vinyl might outlive the CD format, that doesn’t make sense to me. It was terrific to see her again though, sometimes things are worth the long wait, and we might see her again soon.


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