Great Moments In Pop – The 2000s Part 42.

This is someone who was “bubbling under” on the chart (I probably should’ve continued to call this series The No-Hit Wonders, but it’s too late now). If you can provide any information on the acts featured, if you bought their single, you saw them live, or maybe you even played the drums on their album, any further memories are welcome.

I do vaguely remember this singer from the time, and I was surprised to realise that she never made the Top 100 with any of her singles, never mind the Top 50. Pop stars sometimes like to create alter egos. They might change their name or their look, and explore the more extreme areas of their personality. This is a good example of one of those moments.

Megan Burns started out as an actress in her teens, appearing in films including 28 Days Later, and she even won an award for one of her performances. And then one day, Megan suddenly turned into Betty Curse, the singer who had crow’s nest hair, and rather a lot to get off her chest. This was in the mid-2000s, if almost seems laughable now, but if you wanted to make yourself known, you had to go on MySpace.

One of her songs was “Excuse All The Blood”, but this didn’t make the chart at all. But then in September 2006 “God This Hurts” was released, which reached only an unofficial no. 116, but is still her biggest success. This was followed in November 2006 by “Girl With Yellow Hair”, which reached an unofficial no. 132. Now I never knew a girl with yellow hair when I was at school, I’m rather jealous.

This was my favourite by her though. Betty did promote this on a few shows, including an interview on live TV rather early in the morning where she was captioned “gothic pop artiste”, and she also performed this on CBBC’s The Slammer. This didn’t give her that much of a boost though. The album “Hear Lies” and the single “Do You Mind (If I Cry)” were not a success either.

I’ve never really been that interested in those debates about how “real” a singer is, and who their music is aimed at exactly. Maybe she did gain a few fans who were going through that rebellious streak in their lives, but there just wasn’t that many of them really. And it seems that not long after this, she turned back into Megan, and resumed her acting career.


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