Great Moments In Pop – The 80s Part 50.

Part 50? Yes, 50. I really didn’t think that there would eventually be so many parts in this series, but this just proves that 80s pop music is terrific isn’t it (sometimes). Let’s go to a land down under once again to look at another group who briefly made the chart. Vertical Hold (nothing to do with old televisions) were a group from Adelaide who formed in the early-80s, and their frontman was the late Mick Michalopolous.

Another notable member was Hilary, who was rather versatile, and she could play both the cello and the keyboards (although not at the same time), which helped to create a distinctive sound. They did rather well on the chart in their home city, although this never really ended up translating to much success nationwide, which is a disappointment because they made some good singles.

They really could play all of their instruments (instead of someone else’s). In October 1981 their first single “My Imagination” was released, and this reached no. 50 (although this would turn out to be the only time that they would make the Top 50 in Australia). It was soon beginning to look like they were going to be a group who would be appearing rather regularly on Countdown.

Next in September 1982 was “Tears Of Emotion”, and I would definitely say that this was my favourite single of theirs. The video is also good, although the lyrics seems to claim “the tears are from my eyes“. Maybe I misheard, but it would be rather strange if they weren’t. This reached no. 58, but deserved better really. Maybe they would with their next single.

Next in October 1983 was “Shot Down (In Love)”, but this reached only no. 85, and this would turn out to be their final hit single in Australia. They released two further singles in 1984, “This Must Be Love” and “United States Of America”, but neither of these made the Top 100. And also in this year, their only album “Vertical Hold” reached no. 88.

Not long after this, Vertical Hold split. As far as I know, none of their singles were released in the UK, maybe this could be considered a missed opportunity. Then, some of the members reconvened as The Gladiators, but Hilary had long since gone, and taken her cello and keyboards with her, and this variation ended up lasting not very long. By the mid-80s, it was all over.


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