Great Moments In Pop – The 80s Part 47.

Here is another group who didn’t make the big time in the 80s, but they released some good singles that should’ve been more successful. Savage Progress were a British group who formed in the early-80s, but the only year that they made the chart was in 1984. Even at a time when a lot of groups were trying to offer something a little different, they managed to stand out.

In March 1984 “My Soul Unwraps Tonight” was released, which was notable for having some rather unusual lyrics, and I would definitely have to say that this is my favourite single of theirs. One critic said “it stands in mood and effect almost at opposite ends of the spectrum from say Big Country and The Alarm. Very likable”. The video was rather eye-catching too.

However, this didn’t make the Top 100 in the UK. and some consider this to be one of the better songs from this era that didn’t succeed. They did try again though, when in June 1984 “Heart Begins To Beat” was released. Again, critics seemed to approve, and one said “a quirky synth based dance track with melodramatic keyboards and a trebly, twanging bass and sharp insistent vocals”.

But this failed to make the Top 100 as well. They had one last attempt in August 1984 when “Burning Bush” was released. One critic said “a sparkling synthesizer based dance track with its vibrant rhythms, and calm haunting vocal that gives overall a mystical sound”. This was their most successful single in the UK, reaching an unofficial no. 83, but this still wasn’t high enough to be a hit.

They did do better in some other countries though. They reached the Top 20 in Germany, and they made several appearances on music TV shows in that country. Their only album “Celebration” also failed to make the chart in 1984. And they supported Tina Turner and Thompson Twins on tour, and had one of their concerts broadcast on BBC Radio 1.

But despite these rather high profile appearances, they just couldn’t achieve the success that was hoped for them, and by the mid-80s Savage Progress had split. Some of the members went on to work on various other musical projects, but I don’t think that they have ever got back together in the years since, partly because their singer has now left the music business.


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