The One-Hit Wonders – The 90s Part 15.

This is one of those songs from the early-90s that I vaguely remember from the time, that went on to become a big dance anthem. Cola Boy are a British group, and in July 1991 “7 Ways To Love” was released, and reached no. 8 (I suppose that it would’ve been better if this had reached no. 7, but either way, this was a Top Ten hit single).

It is fair to say that the lyrics are rather minimal, but this was acclaimed, becoming NME‘s Single Of The Week, and described by their critic as “precisely the same effect as eating a whole bag of those chewy fruit salad sweets in one go”. This also led to a memorable Top Of The Pops appearance, and I imagine that everybody who heard this wanted to have a go at playing the air xylophone.

But there are a few curious stories behind the making of this song too. Firstly, it seems that at least one member of the group Saint Etienne was involved behind the scenes. They would go on to have several hits over the next decade, but were just about still unknowns at this point. There was also a story that this single was dedicated to a teenager from Hong Kong.

This was supposedly because he had sold his collection of rare Coca-Cola bottles to finance the single, although this turned out to be untrue. And the singer Janey later went on to be a host on the radio, and she eventually became part of Steve Wright’s afternoon posse on BBC Radio 2. Is that a factoid? It definitely is! I’m not sure if this was released in any other countries though.

But following the possibly unexpected success of “7 Ways To Love”, it seemed like a wise move for Cola Boy to make a second single, and in September 1991 the follow-up “He Is Cola” was released. But they found out that successes don’t happen in the same place twice, and this disappeared by comparison, not making the chart at all (I’m fairly sure there was no video either). They became one-hit wonders, under this name anyway, and they then all went off to concentrate on their other projects.


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