The One-Hit Wonders – The 2000s Part 13.

Madness were one of the most successful acts of the 80s on the British chart, they had lots of hit singles, and the majority of them made the Top 20, which is rather pleasing, because a lot of them were terrific. Over the years, it seems that they have had little problem compared to most groups with having their songs used on adverts, with Suggs, often accompanied by the rest of the Nutty Boys, appearing in a few themselves.

Oh yes, you have definitely made me want to buy a rather large quantity of fish fingers now. Their songs have turned up in a few other places as well, including being used as the theme to TV shows, a jukebox musical, and so on. So it was probably no surprise when another group sampled one of their songs, which went on to be a hit single itself. One of their most popular singles has got to be “Our House”.

Now my sister was really into her pop music, and she was a rather big fan of Madness, even going as far as to say that “Our House” was one of her favourite singles, if not her favourite of all, which was rather impressive. It just brought back some good memories, including the famous performance on Top Of The Pops. Rap groups and the like seem to enjoy the challenge of sampling rather unlikely songs.

Some of them end up not really succeeding, but I remember a while ago I heard a song on the radio that sampled “Our House” that definitely caught my attention, and I have managed to track this down all these years on. Kid British were a group who released their debut single in 2008, but their only hit was in July 2009 when “Our House Is Dadless” was released.

This featured a rap and some observations on life in a similar style to The Streets, such as how father can’t get up late for work because there isn’t one, while some lyrics from “Our House” were in the background. What could it possibly all mean? Somehow this combination did seem to work, rather simply this is a song that it is very difficult to ruin. Not long after, their album “It Was This Or Football – First Half” made the lower end of the chart too. Kid British split about a few years on from this, but they definitely created a memorable one-hit wonder moment.


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