The Review Of 2022.

I thought that I would do a piece taking a brief look back at what has been achieved on this blog this year. Thankfully, 2022 has been a little less traumatic than the previous two years, and maybe things are almost how they used to be not so long ago. Being able to keep thinking about new ideas for pieces and then compiling them has definitely helped me get through this time.

There isn’t a huge amount left for me to share with you now. I have just about shared all of my memories of various game shows, sitcoms, and the like, making all that time watching TV when I was younger come in useful I hope. And I am currently having a look through some old UK and Australian singles charts to determine if they contain any more stories worth telling.

This blog is not far short of having 500,000 views either, which is great. More pieces will be coming soon, so look out for those. What I want to say as well is wherever you are, thank you for taking the time to look at this blog. I hope that I have brought back some memories for you, and that my enthusiasm for what I write about comes through in the pieces.

And there’s an extra thank you to anybody who has taken the time to reply to pieces, if you want to share your memories or have any additional information, it’ll be great to hear from you. As well as “I remember that show”-type comments, I have even had one or two “I worked on that show” or “I was a contestant on that show”-type comments too, which always pleases me.

I suppose that I would like to conclude for now by saying thanks for your continued support (and thanks for anybody who has looked at what I have contributed to Twitter and YouTube too). It really is great to know that you are out there and take an interest, and that there are now rather a lot of the things that have had an influence on me online for everyone.

I hope that you will have a Happy New Year, and I will be back with more nostalgic memories soon.


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