More TV Memories – The Chart Show 1987 Special.

The Chart Show 1987 Special (Channel 4, 1987)

This is another The Chart Show end-of-year special, back in the days when this was shown on Channel 4. This was a longer than usual edition, featuring the Top Tens of the year in the five main charts that featured at the time, with a few awards as well. I’m not sure of the exact date that this was shown, but obviously it would be around December 1987/January 1988.

We begin with the Best New Act award, which goes to Wet Wet Wet, who narrowly beat Rick Astley. And then we have the Dance chart of the year. There is no video to “I Found Lovin'” by The Fatback Band, so the opening sequence to the Dance chart is shown again, but with an additional girl spinning on a ball whilst playing the cymbals, who was never seen before or since, how strange.

The videos that are played are by Living In A Box, Madonna, Levert, and Whitney Houston. The Number One is by Rick Astley, who isn’t played which gives a hint that we might be seeing some more of him later on. Then there is Best Foreign Video, which goes to Crowded House. Next is the Heavy Metal chart (which hadn’t been renamed Rock yet).

Played are Kiss, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, and the Number One by Heart. And then, almost half-an-hour into the show, we get the first advert break! Then we have The One That Got Away, which is by Inxs, although I get the feeling that they will have a big hit in this country eventually. Then we go on to the Albums chart. This was when compilations were still in the main chart, before being placed into a chart of its own.

Played are Terence Trent D’Arby (featured on the compilation “Hits 6”), Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, and the Number One is “The Joshua Tree” by U2. Next is the Worst Video of the year, which goes to Anita Dobson with “Talking Of Love”. This really is rather rotten. The runners-up were Sheena Easton and Samantha Fox. Next we go on into the Indie chart.

Played are The Sugarcubes (a song in Icelandic by a band barely anybody had heard of at the time being shown on Channel 4 in primetime is rather remarkable), Erasure, Nina Simone, and the Number One by M/A/R/R/S. Then there’s a preview of some videos coming in 1988, and the next advert break. The Tip For 1988 is REM, just ahead of Big Pig and The La’s. Again, give them a few more years and they’ll reach the top.

Finally, there’s the Top Ten singles of the year. Played are The Bee Gees, Starship, Curiosity Killed The Cat, Bruce Willis, and the Number One is indeed Rick Astley. After another 1988 preview (including Bananarama), the Best Video of the year is revealed as “True Faith” by New Order, a worthy winner. The runners-up were “Faith” by George Michael, and “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House.


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