CITV Memories – Delicious.

Delicious (CITV, 1995?)

This is yet another CITV show from the 90s, although I only vaguely remember this one. But as usual, there will always be someone out there hopefully who does remember this and could provide more detail. Delicious was something of an entertainment mix, featuring music, games, and so on. And this was shown on a Friday, in an attempt to create that “it’s time for the weekend!” vibe.

This was also a Planet 24 co-production, who were best-known at the time for being behind Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast, so this meant that there were going to be some rather quirky ideas featured. One of the hosts was Jason Bradbury, who has gone on to have had a rather long and varied career, usually hosting various TV shows about technology.

He has hosted Channel 5’s The Gadget Show for many years, he was a writer for PC Gamer magazine, where he usually reviewed flight simulators, and he also hosted a short-lived game show where it was rather important for people not to frighten any large electronic leporine characters, but he doesn’t really like to talk about that any more. I don’t recall seeing his female co-host on TV before or since though.

Among the features of Delicious were interviews with celebrities, such as people who were in soap Home And Away (and well, they definitely could be classed as celebrities in those days, this was when Australian soaps were all over the daytime schedule and very popular), much to the approval of the young and enthusiastic studio audience (what do was miss more nowadays on TV, Australian soaps or studio audiences?).

There would also be the comedy news segment DNA with some laughs, Words From The Wise offered some advice, and there was also a big pool in the studio, which came in most useful when it was time to play the game Squeeze Your Squid (so called because contestants had to do such a thing to buzz in and answer), which had a boys v girls twist, and plenty of prizes for everyone.

And if that wasn’t enough, pop groups were also happy to turn up and perform their latest single, if they didn’t mind the credits running over them, and being faded out after about a minute. I must admit that I don’t remember how many series there were of Delicious, but it was definitely a rather lively show that got the weekend going with a bang.


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